Monday, November 15, 2010


Michael Steele's dark night
of the soul will never end
What Message?
 Apparently not, reports The Daily Caller's Jon Ward. "There is still no consensus candidate to run against RNC Chairman Michael Steele," the Daily Caller's Jon WardWard writes.  "But that no longer worries Steele's adversaries, who told The DC that they believe the embattled chairman does not have the support he needs to win 85 votes when the RNC's 168 members vote on Jan. 11."

For almost a solid week, Republican insiders looked at House returns and possibly thought to themselves, Maybe that whole lesbian bondage thing was good for us. And then they remembered all the outside money, Haley Barbour's baritone, Karl Rove and Sarah Palin's acrylic-clawed cat fight, and Steele posing for those silly pictures with his interns, and the truth hit them like a ton of bricks: Lowered. Expectations.  A month ago most thought he could not be beaten, said one Republican who is involved in the effort to find an alternative. Today most think he cannot win. PRO-FOUND!


Anonymous said...

Door. Ass. Slam.

SoylentGreen said...

A month ago you couldn't say anything against Steele because of "Political Correctness" and repercussions against our people. But he's been part of the problem for a long time. Now's the time to do a LOT of house-cleaning before the election cycle heats up again.

Anonymous said...

I was like Intern pics? google pic search and that man is an idiot. He honestly expected what sort of reaction when those came to light?

Steve In Tulsa said...

I thought Palin was running the Tea Party. The GOP is old news. Who cares.

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