Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The Lakin Affaire

Crucible of a Hero
(American Affaire Dreyfus)

The American Dreyfus Affaire
Terry Lakin Affair

Oh, I'm sorry. Reading this American Thinker essay about Lt. Col. Terry Lakin, by Richard Kantro (Émile Zola?) so reminded me of France's  Dreyfus Affaire that I slipped into the vernacular.  You know the story. In 1894 Captain Alfred Dreyfus, a young French artillery officer, was convicted of treason and sent to Devil's Island. But evidence surfaced that the actual traitor was French Army major Ferdinand Walsin Esterhazy .

However, high-ranking military officials suppressed this new evidence and Esterhazy was unanimously acquitted after the second day of his trial in military court. Instead of being exonerated, Alfred Dreyfus was further accused by the Army on the basis of false documents fabricated by a French counter-intelligence officer, Hubert-Joseph Henry, seeking to re-confirm Dreyfus's conviction. These fabrications were uncritically accepted by Henry's superiors 

Word of the military court's framing of Alfred Dreyfus and of an attendant cover-up began to spread largely due to J'accuse, a vehement public open letter in a Paris newspaper by writer Émile Zola, in January 1898.  .Dreyfus Affaire

France was divided into pro Dreyfus supporters called Dreyfusards, and Obama Esterhazy's anti-Dreyfusards.  Today,  Lt. Col. Terry Lakin supporters are tagged "birthers," with the establishment Obama supporters called  "fuktards." 

Given that Dr. Lakin's trial judge has barred his lawyers from even mentioning Obama's dubious claim to citizenship, he will in the end be sent to Devil's Island.  It remains to be seen whether some American Émile Zola can break the truth embargo that sets him free.  It might take a storming of the Bastille to do that job, which may be a good idea in any event.

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DougM said...

The Bastille's gone, Rodge.
They paved it over.
(What? Italics means figuratively? When'd they make that rule? Yeah ... yeah ... dang.)
Any other literal suggestions?

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