Friday, December 10, 2010

Oh the insanity!

Starring Clancy Wiggums as Jeb Bush
Jeb Bush is Clancy Wiggims

Jeb Bush says Arizona law is
 'wrong approach' on immigration

The former Florida governor quipped that it was obvious he was not running for office, noting that his views differed from most of his Republican colleagues, The Denver Post reported last weekend.

Jeb cites as the preferred way one  proposed by Florida Senate President Pro Tempore Mike Bennett.  It's the same as Arizona's but doesn't use racial profiling in its quest to identify the (primarily) Mexican illegals who are the main problem.  Blah-blah-insipid blah.  Read about it here and come to your own conclusion.  I'm in agreement with Ann Coulter when she says  "And he's the good one. No More Bushes."


Anonymous said...

He supported the illegals when he was governor, one of the things I disagreed with him on.

BlogDog said...

Clancy Wiggum, innit?

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