Saturday, January 30, 2010

Caption Obama Injecting

 Caption Obama

Gimme a shot of Birth Certificate Ho
A message from President Obama. - "If you've had anal sex, or used intravenous drugs, make sure you get tested regularly for H.I.V.  You owe it to your partners, and the community"

Predicting weather 8 hours ahead

 From the brainiacs who brought you AGW

Boned Jello

Merged Brides

Two pictures that demanded a merger

Boned Jello

Boned Jello

How was your bottle of 1928 Krug, Madame Speaker?

Speaker's trips 'are more about partying than anything else'

Boned Jello

Boned Jello

Leftard Whines

 today’s stamp of disapproval
 SondraK has been saying her rosary, and it's already made her saintly. Sigh.


 2010 Pomeroy College Basketball Ratings

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Mighty Clemson

If the Terps can somehow pull out a win against Clemson at *shudder* Littlejohn tomorrow night, there may be something to Pomeroy.   Hey ... the Terps are much better now than they were in December.   This is what my guy says.

Obama Girl

 'Obama Girl' kicks Obama to the curb

Mr. Obama's chutzpah is startling even by Washington standards. He must have forgotten about his deal with pharmaceutical companies that broke his promise to allow drug reimportation from Canada. The same goes for a recent deal to save unions $60 billion in taxes that other Americans with the same insurance plans would have to pay. The White House dispatched two aides - Jim Messina and Peter Rouse - to negotiate the notorious Cornhusker kickback deal with Sen. Ben Nelson, Nebraska Democrat, to get him to break his promise not to support any health care legislation that funded abortions. White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel was directly involved in those negotiations too.

Amber Lee Ettinger, whose racy YouTube video boosted Mr. Obama's campaign popularity, says she's disappointed with his broken promises. Comparing the president to a lying lover, the famous "Obama Girl" warns that when a boyfriend lies, "You kick him to the curb." Losing Teddy Kennedy's Senate seat didn't wake up Democrats to public outrage over their policies. Maybe losing "Obama Girl" will get their attention.[Full]


Free e-Books

Today's BFD
 Free eBooks

Smooth Wheel

 Rid yourself of the jerks NOW!
 Some of you can, anyway

Boned Jello

I've used the Smooth Wheel add-on for some time, and you should too ( if you use Firefox or Mozilla).  It enables a smooth screen roll when using your mouse scroll wheel.  Lately however, I noticed some rather severe hang time, as have you prolly, if you think about it..  You can stop that jerkiness by keeping this open in one of your tabs.  If this sounds like voodoo to you, you're not completely wrong.  In fact, you prolly don't even need Smooth Wheel to see improvement. Give it a try. You're welcome.