Saturday, February 13, 2010

corn meal swaddling

 Wal-Mart: Police receive a report of a newborn infant in a trash can.  Upon investigation, officers discover it was only a burrito.

Nigeria 90210

Prima Donnas

Prima Donnas
I cobbled together some of my political pictures in this montage.  Just for snickers.

Morning Thuggery

Thug Nation
 Using thug tactics to silence critics is not exclusive to the  Obama Administration, unless you consider MSNBC a ... never mind.  - Here's the #!* de jour

This is a 2-fer, from yesterday's Morning Joe -
  1. Former  Bush speech writer Marc Thiessen attempts to talk bout his new book, that charges that the Administration is inviting another 9-11.  Informative.
  2. MSNBC political analyst ( pejoration unintentional, but what can you do?) Lawrence O'Donnell did the Democrat thing. He went berserk, screaming Thiessen down.  Finally, Joe Scarborough went to commercial, saying "when we get back, I'll do this interview by myself."

Political Gamesmanship

Where Size Matters

Boned Jello

Decades ago, North Korean officials sawed the legs of chairs at the bargaining table, so their U.S. negotiating partners would look smaller. More recently, they tried shrinking their own team — one member a day — to unsettle the Americans. (FNC)  Now it appears their American counterpart Democrat Party, which apparatchiks  infest every level of the federal bureaucracy, are playing the same game in the National Portrait Gallery's  Hall of Presidents.  Check out MMXFLEX for the possible connection with President Obama’s big budget budget increase for the Smithsonian Institution.