Tuesday, February 16, 2010


National Proletariat Radio Poll
 Asks '"Who's a base liar? Obama or Fox News?

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Across State Lines

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Does Obamacare Let People Purchase Insurance Across State Lines?
Not really.

A Politico piece parsing the "myths" that Democrats and Republicans have created about health care ends up perpetuating one: "the Senate bill allows families and businesses to purchase insurance across state lines, a favorite policy proposal of the right."

Reihan Salam has debunked this:

Rep. Steve King - Man of the Hour!

 PETA Goes After King
February 16, 2010, 11:47 A.M.
People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals has weighed in on Rep. Steve King (R) killing a raccoon that tried to crawl its way into his Iowa home — and not surprisingly, the animal welfare group isn’t toopleased. 

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Al Gore's Blog He's Insane

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"But those high-altitude observations need occasional reality checks from scientists down on the surface. It was during one such on-the-ground research expedition last fall that David Barber, an Arctic climatologist at the University of Manitoba, got an unwelcome surprise."

"Barber was aboard the Canadian research icebreaker Amundsen, checking on ice in the Beaufort Sea north of Alaska and Western Canada. The ship was well inside a region the satellites said should be choked with thick, multiyear-old ice. "That's pretty much a no-go zone for an icebreaker of the Amundsen's size," says Barber. But the ship kept going, at a brisk 13 knots -- its top speed in open water is 13.7 knots -- and even when it finally reached thick ice, he says, "we could still penetrate it easily.""

"In short, as Barber and his colleagues explain in a recent paper in Geophysical Review Letters, the analysis of what the satellites were seeing was wrong. Some of what satellites identified as thick, melt-resistant multiyear ice turned out to be, in Barber's words, "full of holes, like Swiss cheese. We haven't seen this sort of thing before.""


You know, there's been agreement in some psychiatric circles that both Bill Clinton, and Barack Obama suffer from some pathology.  Sociopathy and Narcissism are most frequently mentioned.   Had John Kerry been elected in 2004, he'd have fit right in.  Al Gore, however, who came so close in 2000, is just plain nuts.  Insane.  I mean that. Thank you George W. Bush, for the respite.

The Visitor

At Home Movies
 Plot: A college professor travels to New York City to attend a conference and finds a young couple living in his apartment

The Visitor is a movie I would never - in a million years - have payed to see, rented, or watched on free television.  Then son # 3, whose movie taste, while eclectic, tends to favor Adam Sandler/Jack Black vehicles, recommended it highly. [*Aside -  For the life of me, I couldn't remember Jack Black's first name just now.  It' was a Googling nightmare* ]

We watched it over the weekend, and we loved it.  The acting is sensational.  I've seen Richard Jenkins in movies before, but didn't know his name.  Now I do.  Given what happens, it's pretty remarkable that I felt uplifted by it.   My immediate assessment was starsstarsstarsstars (out of 5); my day after score is starsstarsstarsstars¼, meaning it stays with you.   Oh, did I mention the film is about three Muslim illegals living in New York?   Go figure. 

Like flies, I te What? lying bitch

Senator Mikulski of Maryland to Retire
I've just heard from an impeccable source that Barbara Mikulski, the Democratic Senator who is up for reelection this November, will choose to retire. Mrs. Mikulski is expected to make her formal announcement in the next few days. 

Another special election coming?

Sen. Robert Torricelli   Lautenberg Hospitilized
86-year-old Democrat Shill Falls

 So Rodge, are you saying the Laut is a crook?  Mobbed up?  What?

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 To answer your charges ...
  1. He's  a New Jersey Democrat
  2. He's  a New Jersey Democrat
  3. He's  a New Jersey Democrat

jiggle jiggle


In Passing

In Passing

Who is more conservative -- John McCain, or his primary rival, J.D. Hayworth?
Hint: Only nine of 55 Republicans scored lower than McCain, including Arlen Specter, who later joined the Democratic Party, and Lincoln Chafee, who retired from the Senate and endorsed Barack Obama for president.

Obama Czar John Brennan: 20% of Terrorists Going Back to Battle to Kill Americans "isn't that Bad"
Where did he say it?  At the Islamic Center of New York University just this past Saturday.

Obama’s New OIC Envoy Defended Activist Who Aided Terrorist Group
On Saturday, Obama named the Texas-born, 31-year-old Indian-American as his envoy to the OIC, the 57-member bloc of Islamic states.  *

MSM Ignores ‘The Chicago Way,’ Corrupt Machine That Spawned Obama, Three Suicides
For example: ...

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They're dropping like flies
The process has run its course in Indiana and may shortly be manifest in Wisconsin, Arkansas, Washington and New York.

* This is  tangental to the "new Envoy" story,  but Snopes explains:

 "On the campaign trail in Beaverton, Oregon, in May 2008, an obviously tired Barack Obama mistakenly told a crowd that over the course of the long campaign he had been to fifty-seven states in the U.S." 

Yes, people make mistakes on the campaign trail, and can easily substitute a fact circlating in their mind for something else.  Like Gerald Ford's "Poland  is independent and autonomous from the Soviet Union." debate gaffe, where he clearly meant to say "Maryland is ... . "  (Joke)    The question has been, why was "57 states"  bubbling in Barry's brain to begin with?