Sunday, February 21, 2010

Hearse Towed?

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Mocks Black History Month

Why We Win
Fraternity Mocks Black History Month With "Compton Cookout"

Another Liberal contribution to America is a perverse celebration of  diversity, e.g.  how we're different from one another, called Black History Month (which seems never to end).

Not the good  "one out of many" kind of  diversity. There's an undercurrent of  poking  sticks in WASPish eyes, from people who gave us Kwanzaa.  Far from celebrating the homogenization of cultures, it seems to me, BHM is today used to perpetuate divergency from any notion of e pluribus unum.  People notice.  In this PC culture we live in, parody is a useful release valve.  Is the cookout in poor taste? Very, and way over the top, but then so is what they're spoofing. That's why we win.

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The Essential Obama
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SondaKella reminded me last night of a video that made the circuit during the '08 campaign, where Obama denies ACORN. I'm placing it next to yesterday's video of Obama speaking to ACORN about his long relationship and commitment to them.  This is the essential Obama.