Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Terps Beat Dook

cant. breathe.

Candy, beer and soda


Boned Jello

There is of course this Drudge alert, about the hidden mandatory add-on "health" charge added to restaurant bills in San Francisco (and spreading).  Today I noticed that 24 pack cubes of Coke and Pepsi product are now 20 pack cubes.  At the same price.  At least they abstained from blurbing  "New Easier to Lift"  on the packages.  Not unexpected in these times though.  Nothing is.

The reality of the hidden price increase gambit  hit me as a youngster.  The Three Musketeer candy bar we bought for a nickel, that I remember as being the size if a truck driver's wallet, and scored to break into three regular sized bars, suddenly wasn't.  Big. We went  into the candy store after school one day,  and there it was, all small, but still costing a nickel.  We complained to the candy store guy, who was as far as we were concerned responsible.  He, the original "Soup Nazi," told us to get the hell out of his store if we weren't buying anything.  Never had a Three Musketeer again, because I didn't really like them.  Only bought them because I was brainwashed.

What struck me about this Coke and Pepsi gambit, however, is  that both companies independently thought to do this at the same time.  How serendipitous.


Guess what else she won't be messing with for awhile

Welcome to Kenya

Someone didn't get the message

"Mr. Transparent Gummnit"

What's This?
Obama Transparency

Retro Alice

Alice in Wonderland in 12 Minutes
 Evidently a lot of parents will be taking their tots to see the new version, unaware of it's very dark nature, so I found this thrilling substitute.  Of course some parents are beyond help.

From the British Film Institute Archive comes this first-ever film adaptation of Lewis Carroll’s book.

Made just 37 years after Lewis Carroll wrote his novel and eight years after the birth of cinema, the adaptation was directed by Cecil Hepworth and Percy Stow, and was based on Sir John Tenniel’s original illustrations…  With a running time of just 12 minutes (8 of which survive), Alice in Wonderland was the longest film produced in England at that time. Film archivists have been able to restore the film’s original colours for the first time in over 100 years.

PS: Aficionados (like TUA) may appreciate this Movie Title Stills Collection.

You're Fired

In Passing

In Passing
We go inside Communist Training School!

An Open Letter To SF Muni
Fuck you.

Let me start over.

Fuck you.

You are the public transportation system. Say that out loud. You are, supposedly, the way I should transport myself. You know, to places like “everywhere” and “anywhere”. So let me just say I’m a little bit confused. (H/T Marc Miller)

Bunning's Best Pitch
(He gave up his filibuster in the wee hours, but )  ... Call him crazy, but the senator is revealing the hypocrisy of Congress' pay-as-you-go promises. It seems there's always an "emergency" to justify adding another $10 billion or so in red ink.

It is time for Kay Bailey Hutchinson to resign and make way for Senator Michael Williams.
Kay Bailey Hutchinson re-enacted the Martha Coakley campaign, with all of the entitlement and arrogance.  She, thus, overwhelmingly lost the Republican primary to Governor Rick Perry tonight.

Patent Reform Is a Patent Giveaway
Now that communist China has become America's banker, China is flexing its muscles in a new way that threatens our economy and our jobs. The buzzword is "indigenous innovation."

China has promulgated new anti-American trade rules that prohibit imports of our products unless they are based on intellectual property that is developed and/or owned in China, and associated trademarks are originally registered in China.  Enter lick-spittle Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Patrick Leahy, D-Vt.


Lid blows off Obama's forgotten scandal
Congressmen pry loose evidence of president's illegal cronyism

Little Kid Takes Over JFK Airport Control Tower
At one point during the course of the child’s five transmissions, an adult male voice in the tower explains the situation to local air traffic: “This is what you get, guys, when the kids are out of school.”