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Boned Jello

People in  Kemper County ,  MS have a warped sense of humor.

This is the fork at Highway 39N and Fire Tower Road .
A deer was hit there.
The couch was dumped there previously.
Day two the deer was on the couch.
Day three the end table and lamp showed up.
Day four the TV and TV stand showed up.

The Highway Patrol had to call MS DOT because of all the people stopping to take pictures.

The cardboard caption in front of the deer on the couch reads,

"Sorry Hunters.
Obama ruined healthcare.
We can't afford to have injured hunters on our conscience,
so I'm staying home!
the Deer."
Rick B

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Don Hertzfeldt
I unfortunately took several marketing courses from Don. That's why I'm relegated here. 
But, then, so is Don now.

Exit Patrick Kennedy

Patrick Kennedy's Insta-Legacy
Uncanny. Watch it.

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On a slab

Mind Bubbles
Boned Jello

Last night while searching for something in my Media II files, a large collection of about 200,000 pictures from the 2005-2008 era,  two images flashed by in close proximity.  The first was Nancy Pelosi spooning with Rahm Emanuel. The second was the one on the right.  Of course that's not Rahm on a morgue slab, but it sure as hell reminded me of him.  Prolly something Rorschachy about that.  Oh, did you identify the corpse ?  It will remain for history to decide which of the three was the bigger threat.  Pelosi has my vote.

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In passing ..
That's right.  Insane.

1) The New BDS (Beck Derangement Syndrome): He wants to talk about chalktalks but... he.... just.... CAN'T... control... himself...
Without going into the whole sordid mess-o-links, I note that Beck has been getting slammed from both the right and the left in the last week. It seems Mr. Beck did a show where he got it "wrong" about Geert Wilders, the Dutch politician.- but ....

2) Second American female convert to Islam arrested in plot to kill Motoonist
Last Easter, Jamie Paulin-Ramirez, a 31-year-old mom with a $30,000-a-year job as a medical assistant, announced to her family that she had converted to Islam. A few months later, she began posting to Facebook forums whose headings included "STOP caLLing MUSLIMS TERRORISTS!"


AP: Texas ed board vote reflects far-right influences
AUSTIN, Texas – A far-right faction of the Texas State Board of Education succeeded Friday in injecting conservative ideals into social studies, history and economics lessons that will be taught to millions of students for the next decade.

4) Kneale: Obama as Ahab, Strapped to Moby Dick
My guess is that ObamaCare will pass (insert bone-wracking shudder here). And, like Moby Dick plunging to the ocean’s depths, it will take with it Obama’s presidency and the Democrats’ control of Congress.

But it isn't the Obama presidency I worry about.

5) shuts down
The entire WordPress site is still on my server and will be saved for a buyer if they are interested. First $100,000 takes it

6) SEIU_AndyStern

03/12/10 10:32 pm EST

Glen Beck is after you use Facebook and see!! (via @SEIU_AndyStern)

7) PG&E customer refuses to take smart meter, locks up old meter
"To me it's unconstitutional, it's an invasion of my privacy," said Mark Dieteman.
The smart meter allows PG&E to watch energy usage remotely and lets customers monitor how much electricity they use. However, residents have blamed the devices for a dramatic increase in their bills, prompting calls for an investigation. A Bakersfield man also filed a class-action lawsuit, which claims customers were overcharged and should get a refund.

8) House aide confirms Slaughter Solution never used before; Still, 'they are moving down that road'
he procedure - dubbed by critics as the "Slaughter Solution" - is the brain-child of House Rules Committee Chairman Rep. Louise Slaughter, D-NY, who, at the request of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-CA, is trying to fashion a rule that would allow the House to move toward passage of a health care reform bill without a recorded vote on the Senate version.

9) Biden Debunked: Cramer Declares Avoiding Taxes a 'Patriotic Duty'
"The government has made it very clear in a series of tax rulings since the income tax started - and I learned this at law school - that it is actually well within your patriotic right to try and pay as little tax legally ... ."

10) Come to Washington DC on March 16, 2010. Stop Pelosi's Health Care