Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Here's your Wonderdog

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Boned Jello
No More Mr. Brown Eye

Boned Jello

  San Francisco.  Mr. Brown Eye.  She gave up anal?  Steambaths shut down ?  Nope.  It's something ridiculous, of course. Ridiculous even for San Francisco.

Rear Gear is a decorative cover for your dog's, cat's (or ferret's) um, anus. There, I said it.
Someone.  Stab me in  the fekkin liver.
Tim W

Sondy and Tammy, shooting at a tree ...

running about a day behind here boss.

Some of you will remember when I did the photo-shoot of SondraK for the cover of some gun magazine.  Has to be at least 5 years ago.  Anyway, for those what haven't seen the Tammy Bruce thing ... .

Sliding Backwards

Return with us now to those
thrilling days of yesteryear…

Light posting, wot? It's not so much that the Obamunists have worn me down, as my "all or nothing" personality.  I mentioned awhile back my project to convert all my 35mm slides, and I did.  These are pictures that have not been viewed for years, and a bit of nostalgia is to be expected.  The line between fanciful memories and melancholy is a thin one, and I'm teetering.  In the past two days I traveled from carefree bachelor , to husband & father.

I have to shake them away now, or be paralyzed by them. The antidote is to go forth and make new memories, so I'm
 focusing on the laundry room project. 

Oh, these are the first two dogs in my life.  Boomer the German Shepherd was a present from MoSup the first year we were married.  She remains to this day the smartest, most amazing dog of them all. Misty (rollover) was my childhood dog, and lived to age 17.  My life has been filled with good dogs,  good women, good friends, good kids, and grand memories.   I was lucky.

Magic Twanger