Thursday, March 18, 2010

Barone on Slaughter

The House voted this afternoon by a 222-203
margin to pass the “Slaughter solution”
but ...
the House leadership is still significantly short of 216 votes on final passage


The Look

I didn't watch the Oscars, and would have no idea what the back-story is here.  But watch Sandra Bullock, here winning the Oscar, and her facial and  body language as hubby congratulates her.  Every married man knows that look, and knows he's in trouble for something (hopefully, not for the same reason).

Killer Giraffe

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Set up?

There's a whole lot to think about in this 00:02:15 clip from South Park's "Pandemic"
What did Teh Him mean by this?

Why We Win

All Blow Up

A Middle East Without American Influence?
That's the logical outcome of the Obama administration's current policies.
In the middle of the 1973 Arab-Israeli war, Henry Kissinger airlifted arms shipments to Israel in order to guarantee an Israeli victory that for a time had seemed uncertain. Kissinger's strategic intention was to show the Arabs that as long as Washington stood behind Israel, there was no way they could ever defeat the Jewish state. ... Of course, with those arms shipments, Kissinger meant to drive home another lesson as well, this one to Israel—in effect, that Washington held the power of life and death over the Jewish state and that Israeli leaders had best keep in line. This arrangement—Israeli strength and Arab weakness—secured what some have called the Pax Americana of the Middle East.

Boned Jello

But here's the most important thing: Even if you discount the centrality of shame and honor as operative principles in the Middle East, the Obama administration has blundered by jeopardizing not Israel's stature but our own regional interests and the Pax Americana that has been ours over the last 35 years. Our position in the region depends on every actor there knowing that we back Israel to the hilt and that they are dependent on us. Sure, there are plenty of times we will not see eye-to-eye on things—differences that should be resolved in quiet consultations—but should any real distance open up between Washington and Jerusalem, that will send a message that the U.S.-backed order of the region is ready to be tested. And that's exactly what the axis of resistance is seeing right now.
* What happens when you send a self absorbed Marxist punk to do a man's job.