Friday, March 26, 2010


Finding a Crack in the Offense

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Euthanasia Harsh

Adventures of Krugman the Dog

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I admit it: I had fun watching right-wingers go wild as health reform finally became law. But a few days later, it doesn’t seem quite as entertaining — and not just because of the wave of vandalism and threats aimed at Democratic lawmakers. For if you care about America’s future, you can’t be happy as extremists take full control of one of our two great political parties.


While many Americans disapprove of Obamacare, a significant number do so because they feel that it doesn’t go far enough. And a Gallup poll taken after health reform’s enactment showed the public, by a modest but significant margin, seeming pleased that it passed.

Ahem - "Now that President Obama has signed the legislation into law, most voters want to see it repealed." - (55% - Rasmussen.

Democrats had a lot of harsh things to say about former President George W. Bush — but you’ll search in vain for anything comparably menacing, anything that even hinted at an appeal to violence, from members of Congress, let alone senior party officials.

Fetch, boy.


Shoot SondraK?

Tea party organizers across the country are condemning the harassment and threats of violence against House Democrats who voted in favor of the health care overhaul that passed the House Sunday.
Most of which charges, if not all, are contrived.  But this ain't.

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Intolerable Gummint

Fighting Budget Deficits With Traffic Fines
Let's start over.  Dibs on rewriting the Commerce Clause.
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Shomari Jennings was willing to pay the $70 ticket he received for driving without a seatbelt, but not the slew of tacked-on fees and penalties that ballooned the cost more than tenfold. Every $10 of his base fine triggered a $26 "penalty assessment" for courthouse construction, a DNA identification program, emergency medical services and other programs...

In Los Angeles, city officials are thinking about doubling red-light cameras to 64 intersections. Last year, 44,000 red-light camera tickets were issued in the city, netting more than $6 million...

The fine for running a red light is nearly $500 when city and county fees combined with various penalty assessments, which are set by the Legislature, and traffic school are factored in. The majority of the red-light camera citations, however, were for making right turns without a full stop, a $381 violation.

It's hard to keep track of all the bullshit public policy going on in this article.
Does anyone have pictures of destroyed traffic cams they'd like to share?

Democracy Down the Terlet

Democracy Denied

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Any web site named Reasons to Hate Communists  moves to the head of the line. (via Ka-Ching!)

Today's thought provoker

Well, things can't get any worse

But,wait! There's more.

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Judge strikes down ordinance banning illegals from renting...
According to the judge's interpreter

Social Security Payout to Exceed Pay-In -- This Year!
Damn George Bush!

Obama Orders Lenders to Cut Mortgage Payments for Jobless...
Boned Jello(whoops, spilled some ink - MoSup)

Majority of Homeowners With Loan Modifications -- Defaulted Again...
Just in time, they'll get a lower rate this time around

Terrorists Could Use Explosives in Breast Implants to Crash Planes...
BFD. They could get one of theirs elected president too.

MSNBC Host: Time For 'Socialism' In Talk Radio...

U.S. looks to export drone technology to allies...
Problem is, this government's allies are Hamas, Chavez, and Castro

Nothing changes

In Passing

In passing ..
"It's my country right or wr -"  wait a minute. This is way wrong.

Rare sighting
I'm looking for Big Foot next

EDITORIAL: Watch where you step!
In case you thought about getting through the day, with no threat of what you can be fined and jailed for. (T Mann)

Rebellion in America heats up as 5th state exempts guns
Oh snap!  What about Tommy guns?

But, it's deficit neutral
CBO report: Debt will rise to 90% of GDP

Not to worry.  Obama will announce a freeze on discretionary, “non-security” spending.
Oh my- what of the cognitive dissonance that is going to be created in the mind of the average voter when the White House is promising to freeze spending on the one hand and on the other, trying to defend its stimulus and its health care reform package, trying to excuse the bailout package as a necessary evil, and perhaps trying to champion new programs.

Wood gas vehicles: firewood in the fuel tank
During the Second World War, almost every motorized vehicle in continental Europe was converted to use firewood. But they didn't have ELF, The Sierra Club, or the EPA. 

CBS:  Roots of The Tea Party's Conspiracy Mania
There, a government of leftists is not only possible, it's on the cusp of seizing permanent power, having broken American capitalism and replaced it with a socialist state.  [OMFG!  Imagine that!]

Madoff Beaten in Prison
Barrio Azteca group lost their retirement fund in Madoff fraud?
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Is it possible to overthrow the US government?

One of the justifications for a broad interpretation of the second amendment is that it allows citizens the option of overthrowing the government if things get too bad. In short, since our military has a tanks, missiles, etc, is it even possible?

Democrat Dimwits: if Health Care's a Right, What's Your Service-Level Agreement (SLA)?
Leftists and their beanie-brained supporters like to proclaim that health care is a right.

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Now it's personal - Merrily