Sunday, May 23, 2010

Stop it, right now.

Canker Blossoms

Boned Jello

Nobody who wears a suit can be vacuous enough to waste time and space on a gesture this no-count, can they?  I think he works for Adidas.

Fake Science

I'm so freaking browned-off!

Boned Jello

I am so bored today.  Is bored the word I'm looking for?  No, too ...  meh..  How about "ennuied?" Wait, " browned-off!"  What's the derivation of that?  Maybe from "brown-out?"  A real stretch, but I'm going with it.  Anyway, I did learn things from this site that I never knew.  A good science blog for today's kids. Whoa ... I thought Pluto wasn't a planet?   PS- WOOT has a Asus 12" Netbook for $239.99.  That's what I paid for the 10" (but with a cd burner and laser mouse).   I really love mine.  

Democrats are da bomb ...

What's more destructive ...?

Frank & Evvy from Arizona sent me this in E-mail form, and I just had to produce it.  A little more than 2 minutes, but has a punch (I hope).

Just because

The Guy From Brooklyn Begat
The Guy From Boston, and
There Was Rant

Frank & Evvy

Gummint- Friend or Foe?

Biometrics Exemption Bill

How intrusive has gummint become?  Here's information on a bill that will/can exempt you from stuff you didn't know you should be exempt from.  We need that D.C. bound asteroid, PDQ!

Nerd Wins

Nancy's Surprise Djou

Nancy's Surprise Djou

Boned Jello

Replacing former U.S. Rep. Neil Abercrombie (D HI) with a  coconut shell would have been a plus for the nation; replacing him with a Republican  is glorious.  As you can see by the numbers, Djou benefited from a toxic intra-party battle between the two Democrats, who garnered 59% of the vote betwixt them.  Let's hope Rep. Djou's term lasts longer than six-months.  Maybe Djou can get hold of Obama's birth certificate in that time.  [Story]
Party Candidate Votes Percent
R Charles Djou 67,610 39.7%
D Colleen Hanabusa 52,802 31.0%
D Ed Case 47,391 27.8

Three Branches

Comment of the Day
It's time we oust our two party government and go back to a  three branch government.  The Republicans and Democrats are content to  take turns messing up our country every four to eight years.  A  president not only controls his party's congressional delegates but [can] also stack the courts with like minded puppets willing to ignore the  constitution for the good of the party.  Remove party affiliation from  every ballot and let them run on the own merits. - Comment by USMC8541
Boned Jello
 I added the "can" qualifier to USMC8541's court stacking element.  There exists no greater difference between Republicans and Democrats then the latter's use of the courts as a legislative vehicle, and the former's strict constructionist view.  Other than that, it roused me. Scottiebill's response is worth while too.