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Dodd's Smarm Song

The LA Times blog entry Now even more Democrats slamming Obama for Gulf oil spill response sees this clip from Airplane as analogous to how Democrats are treating Obama. 
Remember that scene in the movie "Airplane!" in which passengers lined up to assist that panicked woman who wanted off the aircraft?

The only problem was the way they were assisting her – mainly just repeatedly slapping her in the face.

President Obama probably feels like that woman with all the help he’s getting from fellow Democrats lately.
In an earlier post (yesterday) Chris Doody was featured in a video with Don Imus, blaming the oil spill on George Bush.  But first, I was no way prepared for this degree of harsh being laid on Democrats by the LA Times.

Hey, it's worked before. If you watch no other video today, you gotta watch this one.

Don Imus on the Fox Business Network Tuesday interviewing jolly old Democrat Sen. Chris Dodd of Connecticut, who was forced into retirement by the certainty of defeat this November. Democrat president Barack Obama with his ubiquitous cellphone

Like pretty much everyone else on the planet except the makers of oil dispersant, Dodd is 110% very safely opposed to the ongoing oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. He's also appalled.
As is the Obama White House.

Actually what the White House is appalled over is that the fingers of blame are starting to turn toward the Obama White House, the Oval Office to be exact.

Not that the White House has the technology either to address an oil spill of this magnitude and oceanic depth.

The Obama administration can't do anything about it, except lay on the PR. But the president wants to spend Memorial Day weekend in Chicago.

You'll get a good chuckle out of Imus' incredulous response starting around the 1:20 mark.

 I urge you to watch the whole thing.  It's one of the last chances to watch Dodd, one of the smarmiest canker blossoms in all of Washington, perform his smarm song.  You'll be glad to learn that his good friend, and yours, John Kerry, will in the next few days fix everything with a cap & tax climate bill. If you don't feel an urge to lay hands on this weasel, you're not human. Knowing that he's leaving in disgrace makes it all bearable, if not enjoyable.


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Choice Cut

And really, how could the U.S. attorney general have time to read a 10-page Arizona law when he's busy doing all the Sunday morning TV shows condemning it?

Eric Holder's astonishing admission was completely ignored by ABC, CBS, NBC, NPR, The New York Times, The Washington Post, USA Today, Los Angeles Times, The Associated Press, Time or Newsweek, according to Brent Bozell of the Media Research Center.
- Chairman Ann

Boned Jello


Boned Jello

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A network in dissaray

Refreshing Breeze
I could have said that I am stepping down to spend more time with my children (which I truly want to do).  Or that I am leaving to pursue other opportunities (which I also truly want to do). But I have never had much tolerance for others' spin, so I can't imagine trying to stomach my own. The simple fact is that not enough people watch my program
Keith Olbermann?  No, much too classy.  It's CNN's Campbell Brown.

Democrats in disarray

Adventures from a lower colon
But behind the scenes, House Democrats were furious at Senate leaders.

Senate moderates have also been spouting off to the press about how they don’t support pieces of the bill, too, adding to the House’s frustration.

House lawmakers were also incensed that Senate Majority Whip Dick Durbin (D-Ill.) was objecting to a fix for a transportation funding formula, which would take money from his home state, instead of whipping the bill.

Boned Jello

Reading this Roll Call article is like watching the aftermath of a two car collision on 95.  

House Democratic leaders scrambled late Wednesday to whip votes for a scaled-back tax and unemployment benefits extenders bill and avoid heading home for the Memorial Day recess empty-handed.

Empty- handed?  "In a nod to fiscal conservatives’ concerns about the size of the package," they scaled back a  $127 billion unemployment extender bill to just $84 billion.   How craptacular.

The animus between House and Senate is growing too, and those details are groin-grabbingly delightful.  A side column,  Pelosi: Health Law Crowns Democrats’ Achievements,  extends our fun.

Democrats in Congress made a commitment to our middle class to create jobs and rebuild our economy. And we are delivering.

As we move toward this fall’s election campaign, the contrast between the two parties could not be more clear: Congressional Republicans are on the side of Wall Street, special interests, Big Oil and insurance companies. They are threatening to return our country to an era of devastating job losses and growing deficits — to the Bush recession.

The good thing about hating bad people is knowing that, just over the hill, the U.S. cavalry is about to swoop down and spank the corn encrusted crap out of them.

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