Sunday, June 20, 2010

It's All Bush's Fault

It's all Bush's fault
Here's an opinion piece by Chuck Green who writes "Greener Pastures" for the Denver Post/Aurora of the more liberal papers in the country.  Additionally, Mr. Green is a life long this is rather a stunning piece... - Cuzzin Ricky

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Elections official: OBAMA NOT BORN IN HAWAII
"Everyone in the government there knows this.  .."

There is no birth certificate," he said. "It's like an open secret. There isn't one. Everyone in the government there knows this.  ... In my professional opinion, he definitely was not born in Hawaii. I can say without a shadow of a doubt that he was not born in Hawaii because there is no legal record of him being born there.  - Tim Adams, the former senior elections clerk for the city and county of Honolulu

Well, well, well. Is this it?  I've felt all along that once Obama became a liability, and he certainly is that now to government leftists, his controllers would have him "removed."  Let's see how this plays out, but where was Mr. Adams for the past 18 months?  Why now?  Unless Obama can  produce a long form certificate (that can  withstand scrutiny), this accusation could be seen by some (always wanted to say that) as his political execution.

But to what end?  Every law signed by Obama would (should) be vacated. Everyone in the government who knew is guilty of conspiring to overthrown the government by coup.  Click Click. 

Parrot walks into a bar ...

Parrot waks into a bar with Obama

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Airbrushing History

A culture that airbrushes
its history is already dead.

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In the well-known original image, Churchill makes a "V" shaped symbol with his fingers – while gripping a cigar in the corner of his mouth.

But in a reproduction of the picture, hanging over the main entrance to a London museum celebrating the wartime leader, he has been made into a non-smoker through the use of image-altering techniques. [story]
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Creeping Incrementalism

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Today's Nobel Prize winner  for Sassy Story Stem-winding
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Naked Seattle's Dueling Data Points

A yearly reminder that San Francisco's been leaking into the Seattle-Olympia corridor for some time.  Say, isn't that Karen Wheatley?

Hang Boxer - out to dry

California Senate:
Carly Fiorina VS. Barbara Boxer

But if you want to talk about "gaffes" (a term I use loosely) let’s take a look at Boxer’s greatest hits. First on the docket is Boxer’s recent claim that, “carbon pollution leading to climate change will be over the next 20 years the leading cause of conflict, putting our troops in harm’s way.” Forget about terrorists, CO2 is now our greatest national security threat.

Last December at the height of the ObamaCare debate, Boxer compared abortion to Viagra ––

  Richard Allen Boxer
I liken my emotions here to the way I felt while following the 1996 trial of Richard Allen Davis, the monster who kidnapped and murdered 12-year-old Polly Klaas in 1993.  We knew to a certainty he was guilty; he taunted the Klaas family during his trail; yet ... ? This was a California jury after all. From the same jury pool that somehow pronounced O.J. Simpson innocent just months earlier. If you read this article, you'll feel the same way. Will Boxer's jury do the right thing and send her to political Hell? Or will they let her keep playing in the sand?