Thursday, July 08, 2010

Indictment pool anyone?

The Acorn and the Tree
Feds: Jesse Jackson Jr. Offered to Raise $1 Million for Blago in Exchange for Obama Senate Seat


A bad year for wackos


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The Break-up

Trust this gummint? Right.

Traffic Cams Now
Persuasive Authority
"Perfect Citizen" Surveillance Program to Monitor Private Networks for Cyber Attacks

A U.S. military official called the program long overdue and said any intrusion into privacy is no greater than what the public already endures from traffic cameras.

Boned Jello

Here's my difficulty with this.
  1. "Perfect Citizen?" Who's naming these new government programs, George Orwell?
  2. I've reached point of being more afraid of this goverment than external enemies.
  3. NSA "sensors" placed in the network?  Hello?
  4. 95% of internal threats to our infrastructure could be caught with wire taps on Barney Frank, Chris Dodd, George Soros and Goldman Sachs.   Look it up.

Palin Video

Campaign Video?

Bad Judges

The Cultures Wars ..
we lost

JMcD sent me this article titled Woman’s land will go to Akron mission.

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A preacher’s wife who died last year at age 95, Petry gifted her house and 21 acres of prime real estate to Haven of Rest, a rescue mission for the homeless in Akron.

Not only did she want Haven of Rest to get it, she added a few stipulations to the gift in her will: Family friend Jim Kirby could live in the house, if he chose, until he died, and the mission could only sell the property to someone who would use it for a religious purpose.

The clauses created a dilemma for those trying to administer her nearly $1 million estate, and for many organizations named as benefactors, who also stood to inherit some money.

So earlier this year, Valentine, the executrix of the estate, filed a complaint in court. In doing so, she basically asked Stark County Probate Judge Dixie Park for direction.

I'm reading this, wondering if there was a point to this story?  Yup.  There was.

According to court filings, retired Judge Dennis R. Clunk mediated this settlement: Haven of Rest will pay Kirby $30,000 to give up claim to the house; Haven of Rest will take possession of the house and property — and Petry’s caveat that the land be used for a religious purpose will be void.

Park said the religious purpose clause contained in the will didn’t have legal teeth. She said courts have consistently found such hand-tying language on future use to be discriminatory.

Let's say that Mrs. Petry had instead directed that the property could only be resold to the Communist Party, or Obama reelection campaign, or Muslims?  Is there one chance in a thousand that Judge Dixie Park would have voided it?  I think not, but that's beside the point.  Judge Park had no right to dissolve Mrs. Petry's covenant.  Period.

More rules from the Bay Area

San Francisco's Health Department
has now published rules and
regulations  for making pot brownies.

I am not making this up

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Anonymoose suggests this recipe:

1/2 cup organic free range goat butter
1 cup raw brown Cuban people's sugar
2 vegetarian equivalent egg substitute
1 teaspoon non exploitative vanilla extract
1/3 cup unsweetened organic carob powder
1/2 cup whole grain rice and buckwheat flour
1/4 teaspoon sea salt
1/4 teaspoon Zimbabwean baking powder
1 tablespoon bitterweed honey
1 cup Marijuana or 1/2 cup Hashish

Bouncy Needles

Trade You for an iPod: 1979

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OMG!  A cassette player with two of those bouncy needle things, that no single soul in the world needed, plus a back-up set of bouncy needles,  just in case you felt the integrated ones were malfunctioning.  No this isn't me, but it damn well could have been.  I miss those bouncy analog needles.

Hope & Change


Those Kennedys

The Only Democrat Who's Really For
the Afghanistan War is Robert Kennedy Jr

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Ann Coulter's introduction to - Heroin Addiction Skyrockets in Afghanistan

Sex Change Operation

'Splain this Lucy ...

Tom Mann

Barney Frank- Too Sexy

My goal, clearly, is to drive
each and every last one
of you away from this site.

Big Fur Hat

Racism in America

Meet Eric Holder's friend
King Samir Shabazz
A close friend, then an Atlanta cop, and his partner responded to a reported burglary.  It was a high profile call because the victim was the girlfriend of new Atlanta mayor, Maynard Jackson.  One of the items stolen was a tape recorder (back when they cost real money).  She had no serial number, so they asked mayhaps she had a tape made on the machine, in the off chance it  contained some electronic signature in the event they found the perp.  She dutifully produced one from a dresser, on top of which was a large bag of dope, and paraphnailia.   They read her rights and  arrested her. 

All hell broke loose!   The charges were eventually dropped after the evidence, somehow, went missing from the property room just before her trial. Here's the good part, however. 

The tape she gave them was made at a soiree attended by Mayor Jackson and his friend, and later mayor himself,  Andrew Young.  Both were high on the "great dope," and joking about how sweet it was that " the crackers" would now be dancing to tunes played by the Black man.  All very racist stuff.  My friend's partner was so incensed over the obvious manipulation of the dope case,  that he made copies of the tape which, somehow, began showing up for sale in convenience stores across South Georgia. 

Meet Eric Holder and Barry Obama's  good friend, King Samir Shabazz. 

"You want freedom? You gonna have to kill some crackers!"