Sunday, July 11, 2010

Angry Fans

Looking for a rumble
Imagine the massacre if they had not seized all the weapons. Among the things seized there are also a couple of hedge clippers.

Boned Jello
Weapons confiscated before:
  1. An Ann Coulter Appearance?
  2. Sarah Palin Speech ?
Nope. A European soccer match. Here's the money line: "People need to have more sportsmanship when they watch a sport."

LeBron jumps ship

other reason to hate Democrats (if you live in Ohio)

LeBron James Jumps (PS)

We come not to praise or bury LeBron James, but only to note that by moving to Miami he's going to save a bundle on taxes. We'll take the King of ESPN's word that he's jumping to the Miami Heat from the Cleveland Cavaliers mainly for basketball reasons, but it is also true that Florida has no income tax. The rate in Akron, Ohio is a little over 7%.

LeBron's Tax Holiday
Another reason to play in Miami.

Those 10,000 new Obamacare IRS agents.

More Reasons To Hate Democrat Guts
Stealth IRS changes mean millions of new tax forms

The new regulations, which kick in at the start of 2012, require any taxpayer with business income to issue 1099 forms to all vendors from whom they purchased more than $600 of goods and services that year. That promises to launch a fusillade of new paperwork: An estimated 40 million taxpayers will be subject to the requirement, including 26 million who run sole proprietorships. 

Judge Crabb Stinks

Disrobe this woman!

Disbobe this judge

All I wanted to know was who appointed Judge Barbara B. Crabb to the federal court; Carter or Clinton?  (it was Carter).   By the by I wound up with a  Robing Room link, which site I've used for several years.  When I clicked  the link, up pops Google's "you can't go here because it's an attack site" message.  There seems to be no getting around it either.  Who the hell starts this process?     One of the Judges in the "bad" column?

Bottom 10 Judges
Calculated on a minimum of five ratings

The Robing Room gives attorneys an opportunity to fill in the equivalent of a "how was our service" rating slip after lawyering before a judge.  It's of interest to me only  for schadenfreudal reasons.  If a judge I want off the bench (like Crabb) happens to make the bad list, I'll use it to smear.  I think I've only used it once however.

Oh, right.  Why do I want  Barbara B. Crabb  removed from the bench?   Simple. She ruled that the  National Day of Prayer is unconstitutional after granting the plaintiff  "standing"  based oh "hurt feelings."  A first.  Hurt Feelings.  Egad.