Friday, July 23, 2010

What does a worm soind like?


While the left is busy questioning Andrew Breitbart’s credibility (largely as a smokescreen for Journolistgate) we should be questioning the Washington Post’s credibility.

Ezra Klein needs to be fired today.

Meanwhile in the green room ...

Palestinians Allowed to Fly Flag at
Washington Mission in `Symbolic' Step

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Malveaux Spitz

Julianne Malveaux and
Sarah Spitz Hate Lunch
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30mm BFG

So, how big is it?
She is not faking this time

No time for talking.  This says it all.
cuzzin ricky

Nuke NorK Now

Nuke NorK Now
North Korea on Friday threatened the United States and South Korea with a "physical response" to planned weekend naval exercises as tensions with the communist nation rose in the aftermath of the sinking of a South Korean warship blamed on the North.  - Tensions Spike

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NorK lunatics have vehemently denied any part in sinking the South Korean Navy corvette Cheonan in March, but this poster seems to contradict.  It's worrisome because KimDog il knows his days are numbered, and as a sociopath of the highest order wouldn't flinch at going out in a holocaust of his making. 

Hillary Clinton responded by saying the U.S. is willing to meet and negotiate with the North, but that this type of threat only heightens tensions. She added that progress in the short term seems unlikely, given the circumstances.

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She might also have added that congressional surrender monkeys are feeling growing pressures to cut defense funding.  Under normal circumstances, meaning in the long ago time when we had an American president, I would be excited about the prospects.  Yes, I have a long memory, and would like nothing more than to see the full fury of the United States unleashed against those ...  those Gooks.  There, I said it. And no, it is not an ethnic slur; South Koreans aren't gooks.

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Brilliant Essay

America's Ruling Class --
And the Perils of Revolution

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Thus began the Progressive Era. When Woodrow Wilson in 1914 was asked "can't you let anything alone?" he answered with, "I let everything alone that you can show me is not itself moving in the wrong direction, but I am not going to let those things alone that I see are going down-hill." Wilson spoke for the thousands of well-off Americans who patronized the spas at places like Chautauqua and Lake Mohonk. By such upper-middle-class waters, progressives who imagined themselves the world's examples and the world's reformers dreamt big dreams of establishing order, justice, and peace at home and abroad. Neither were they shy about their desire for power. Wilson was the first American statesman to argue that the Founders had done badly by depriving the U.S. government of the power to reshape American society. Nor was Wilson the last to invade a foreign country (Mexico) to "teach [them] to elect good men."

If you do nothing else this week, read this epiphanal essay by Angelo M. Codevilla.  Don't forget to pick up your PolySci degree on the  way out. - Thank you Rick B for the tip.