Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The second jet

I hadn't seen this video before
Muslim  ground breaking for the Ground Zero Mosque

Keith Halloran

Just wish Sarah and Levy [sic]
were on board [with Ted Stevens]
David Keith Halloran, Democrat running for the N.H. House.
Boned Jello
But wait, Keith David Halloran is compassionate. 

Democrat NH House candidate Keith Halloran’s profile

It is time to reclaim and recommit to America's special calling: to promote and inspire compassion, healing, care and justice, to champion humanitarian intervention and animal rescue ... .

Way to go Keith ... ya stupid dumb Mick.

Boned Jello

While I'm on the subject, let's pile on.

Democrats implode, Drag us with them

Democrats Cut Food
Stamps to Fund Unions

Normally when your opponent begins killing their young, and eating their dead, you've won.  Except, with the death of federalism we're on the same team. 
Boned Jello

No negative images, please

America Is 'Bankrupt Mickey
Mouse Economy': CIO

That's the kind of downer I'm getting in my e-mail. 

This is the kind of uplifting stuff you should be working on.  And, no,  not you cuzzin ricky.

Is that mary?

Obama Akbar

I forced myself to watch all of The Stoning of Soriah M by Iranian director Cyrus Nowrasteh. Based on a true story, it’s final scene – depicting an innocent woman buried up to her neck and having her skull slowly crushed by average men including her own father, husband and son throwing stones large enough to injure but not to immediately kill – is easily one of the most brutal events ever depicted on film.

If only it were an exaggeration. [Iran’s descent into barbarism]
For what it's worth, I dislike Israeli interference in our elections, and always have.  Still, like it or not, Islamo lunatics are people Obama, and the Democrat Party, have allied us with in a quest to crush Israel.  One of the two is our mortal enemy. So too, their respective leaders.

Feminism in Turkey

Hoof 5

Advance to the rear men

It's a war out there

For every adrenaline filled minute on the battle field,  there are days, sometimes weeks, of sheer tedium.  Exercises like  "dig a hole, fill it, dig it again" abound. I'm of course here speaking about dealing with the media, and their Democrat lapdogs; specifically, Obama's lack of standing to be president.  I'll wait the two minutes it takes to watch Odd Ball Chris Matthews attack birthers, using the classic "Advance to the rear" maneuver.

I dug another hole while you watched.  Yes, another one.  Now I'll fill it.
  1. The green Hawaiian Certification of Live Birth document could be had by any person for the asking  Even Hawaii will not recognize it for applications to Hawaiian citizen only programs. It contains no birth certificate information, such as hospital, attending physician, or hour of birth.
  2. The  filing process of said COLB would likely include proforma notifications to newspapers of  birth announcements. 
Boned Jello