Thursday, August 19, 2010

"I want your money" - Obama

Watch. Clip. Send.


Bob Howard

Robert Howard - The Real Rambo
This is from last year, but what a legacy

Jodi Lou

What a charade

Play Charades with Barry

Boned Jello

Fanken stole the Vote Diamond

The Vote Diamond

Take all the civics, and all the speeches about sacrifice, and all the words about fighting for country, freedom and the American dream. Squeeze them together under the weight of all the millions of people who were and are Americans, and a single diamond emerges.  The Vote.  That's what it's about.  Knowing that your opinion carries weight, and the assurance that your vote is as valuable as mine.  That election results will yield an honest reflection of the public will. 

That's how I feel anyway.  When you lose that, there is only a feeling of helplessness and despair.  You've lost freedom.  By inference, then, every life given on the battlefield - since the founding -  was given to protect that franchise.  We've justly killed millions of people representing forces that threatened it. 
For that reason I can today say that I hate Al Franken's guts, and expect you would too.  Not because he's another Liberal mutton head; because he stole a United States Senate seat.  Al Franken, along with those who helped him in that depraved endeavor, is no better than Yamamoto's carrier pilots in 1941, or Chinese hordes that crossed the Yalu river in 1950.  Now that you know how I feel, you have my perspective on this.

Franken slams mosque opponents

Hang the Juror

Find Jo Ann Chiakulas

Jo Ann Chiakulas

Jo Ann Chiakulas
Chiakulas is identified as a "Black female believed to be in her 60s, is a retired state public health director who has ties to the Chicago Urban League"  Neither this 20 year old picture of her, nor the court sketch seem to show her as being a Negro, and it's all beside the point.   She's another first class canker-blossom who, and I'm sure of this, is part of a travelling jury road show formed to undermine confidence in American justice.

Find Waldo and LaSquisha

Where's Waldobama?
(with rollover surprise!)

The Obama family will begin their sixth holiday of the year today, an 11-day sojourn in Martha’s Vineyard, the island destination of the wealthy and well-connected American elite.

Club Hoochie-Coochie?

Say Again?

Barry the Moslim

One in five Americans believe
President Barack Obama is a Muslim

Boned Jello

New York Daily News columnist Aliyah Shahid, on loan from al-Jazeera I think,  anguishes -

There's just no convincing some people.  The number is up from the 11% who thought Obama was a Muslim in March 2009. The percentage who correctly believe the president is Christian is down to 34%.

The circumstances of Barry's becoming a Christian come from his own lips.  He was getting nowhere as a "neighborhood organizer" (Alinsky rabble-rouser) in Chicago, when a Black minister gave him the key.  The backbone of Black community organization, he was advised, are its churches.  If you want street cred, join a church and work from there.  Barry settled on Rev. Wright's 'Goddamn America' sect of Christianity, his sole link to the faith in thought, word, or deed.

On the other hand, Barry attended Moslim schools as a yoot, and has told Moslim audiences - since being elected -  "I am a Moslim."

Like the circumstances of his rumored Hawaiian birth, what are you gonna believe?  Your lying eyes, or his lying lips?

I guess we'll never know

FBI raids office of Rep. William F. Keller
Newspaper can't determine party affiliation
Mystery continues
Boned Jello

Okay, not "anywhere"

Hate Thy Enemy

GOP dark horses set to finish strong
After losing the Massachusetts Senate race, many would have thought that Democrat leaders would learn from the message that voters, and particularly independents, have been sending. Instead, they've doubled down on their reckless spending agenda while arrogantly ignoring the electorate. As a result, they are now on defense in at least a dozen Democrat-held Senate seats as we move towards November

Boned Jello

Boned Jello
The WaTimes article validates what most of us feel intuitively;  Scott Brown's win in Massachusetts was a harbinger of Battle of Midway magnitude. I don't choose the symbolism lightly.  The Obamunist takeover has resulted in more damage being done to our national infrastructure than Tojo, Hitler and Stalin combined could accomplish. Well, Stalin is still at work here, but you get the message. Here's some confetti:

...  swamping even "safe" Democratic incumbents such as Sen. Barbara Boxer of California, Mrs. Murray and Mr. Feingold.