Tuesday, August 31, 2010

I knew it!

The Best News in the History of News
Weekly Standard

Bad news for the left - JFC!

Government Study Withheld for Year:
70 Percent of Parents and 54 Percent of
Teens Say Sex Before Marriage is Wrong

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Completely Honest First Date

Completely Honest First Date

Tim W

Please. Pul-eeze, don't hurt John Kusak

Iranian Media Says French
First Lady Deserves Death

John Kusak Says Armey, Newt
 -and all the GOP Deserves Death

I feel sorta bad here. Except for two words ("French" and "Armey)" I was feeling,  well, you know.  Oh stop!  It was involuntary.

Anyway, after what Hollywood did to Mel Gibson for his, mild in comparison, "ravings,"  I guess Joan Kusak's brother won't be able to buy a hello from movieland's glitterati.  They're a fiercely righteous bunch, those entertainment folks; all "duty, honor and country first" sorts, and don't tolerate behavior like this.

What I worry about is someone from the left assassinating Kusak, and trying to make it look like conservatives did it.  You know, like they did burning their own offices and such.  That sure would be a nasty trick (that would prolly succeed and allow the Democrats to pick up seats in the election), so I hope they don't "do" him. </disgust>
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It hurts when I laugh. Then don't.

It's not his fault
Boy who zapped his nipples during shop class sues

K yle Dubois and his parents claim teacher Thomas Kelley did not warn Dubois and other students of the dangers of the electrical demonstration cords in their electrical trades class.

On March 11, Dubois attached an electrical clamp to one nipple while another student attached another clamp to the other. A third student plugged in the cord

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"Dubois' suit contends he suffered permanent brain damage."  That may be hard to prove.  I do note that the shop teacher resigned, which opens the possibility that he assigned the nipple zapping, but I see that as doubtful. Either way, I'll let this incident stand as my answer to this bit of silliness.

Top 10 Reasons to Lower the Voting Age to 16

Crocheting an Afghan here boss

The 72 Hour Afghan Expert
Everything you've ever wanted to know about Afghans, by P.J. O'Rourke
As all good reporters do, I prepared for my assignment with extensive research. I went to an Afghan restaurant in Prague. Getting a foretaste—as it were—of my subject, I asked the restaurant’s owner (an actual Afghan), “So what’s up with Afghanistan?”

The 72 Hour Afghan Expert

As always, P.J. O'Rourke gets to the heart of things with a razor.  However, I have a good deal of trouble reading anything about Afghanistan, now that Obama has set our guys up in a shooting gallery by virtue of announcing a withdrawal date. 

48 HOURS: 21 American soldiers
killed in Afghanistan...

To be honest, I got sidetracked ¾ of the way through by a desire to photo-chop the Weekly Standard cover.  That indulgence is all that stands between me and insanity I think.  God damn Obama to Hell..
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Traffic Cams Ticketed!

Today's I'll Fix That For You
Receive a traffic cam ticket in the mail?
A Supreme Court  ruling last year requiring that scientists be made available to testify in court cases about lab evidence they prepare may have the added effect of curtailing the use of automated traffic-enforcement cameras to assess criminal penalties.
The crux of this story is that various courts have taken a cue from that SCOTUS lab evidence ruling,  and applied it to traffic and speed cams. 
Judge Wilson said declarations submitted to the court  by the private enforcement company to support the red-light infractions "contain testimonial hearsay," without which the officer cannot identify the photographs as taken by the company, cannot attest they pertain to any actual traffic violation and cannot say with certainty the camera equipment was in working order at the time of the violation.
If states were really interested in protecting, not taxing the public, speed cams like this would be in use.
The effect of these rulings is that methods for obtaining, transmitting and storing information about infractions are "not admissible in the absence of a live witness with personal knowledge of the procedures."  Which translates into requiring speed cam suppliers to send technicians to testify at ticket hearings.  There are not enough technicians, and they're too far away to travel to every court hearing anyway.  Cases are being thrown-out wholesale.  This of course will have the same effect on tax hungry city officials as failing to pay Louie the loan-shark his vigorish.  Stay tuned.

Mo Sup makes regular trips to Tidewater,VA to see family.  During a recent trip she noticed that the yellow light timing at stop lights in Gloucester had gone from something reasonable,  to about 1 second. The thought occurred to her that this is precisely what Baltimore City did when when traffic cams were installed.  She skoonched  forward at a stop light, and looked up.  Sure enough,  perched high atop a pole - the camera. My suggestion that she use her 9mm to shoot the sumbitch fell on deaf ears however. She's such a pussy sometimes.

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Felony Chutzpah

The "C" Word (chutzpah)
T his year's debate over extending President George W. Bush's tax cuts has turned into a brawl over which party is doing more for small businesses, with assertions that the health of the economy and thousands of future jobs are at stake.
Obama claims that not that many small businesses will see taxes rise if the Bush tax cuts expire.  Which would necessarily mean that those tax cuts were negligible to begin with?   Besides, says Obama, his  first order of business when congress returns from its summer recess will be to pass a bill aimed at "enticing" banks to loosen up small business loan requirements.  A plan formulated by Barney Frank, Chris Dodd, and Maxine Waters no doubt.  Even the WaTimes reporter gets caught up in sub plots involving dueling "think tank" minutiae here.  Two indisputable facts remain, however.
  1.  Killing the Bush tax cuts results in a huge tax increase for somebody. 
  2. Obama the Marxist's claim that he is a champion of business growth is felony chutzpah.
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