Monday, September 13, 2010

We're with you in spirit Don; RIP

"In lieu of flowers the family respectfully asks that donations be sent to the American Cancer Society, or to the campaign of anybody who is running against President Barack Obama in 2012." 
Don Unsworth Obituary
Tom Smith

Clean your stuff

Feds Spent $800,000 of Economic Stimulus
on African Genital-Washing Program

The National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH), a division of the National Institutes of Health (NIH), spent $823,200 of economic stimulus funds in 2009 on a study by a UCLA research team to teach uncircumcised African men how to wash their genitals after having sex.

Boned Jello


Today's Mad Men Moment

Gangster Government Stifles Criticism of Obamacare

That's why this is a recognized "Gangster Government," Mr. Barone.

It's what "Gangster Governments" do.

Gangster Government Stifles Criticism of Obamacare
Obama Family Capo Sebelius


Imagine Dragons - "America"

It's not often you find anything unironic in popular culture now. I can be as snarky as the next guy, but sometimes you yearn for something genuine - some sentiment that doesn't resemble Lucy holding the football. It takes a kind of courage I admire to say things that are not equivocal. [continue]


The "day after" Gloat

Celebrate “Muslim Family Day”
@ Six Flags on . . . 9-12

Their Celebration continues

The Termination Thrill

They’ve had Muslim day at other Six Flags parks before (and I’ve written about it–employees were told not to wear shorts, “out of respect” for Islam). And that’s objectionable enough. But the date is just rubbing our faces in it. Check out the Six Flags Great America and Hurricane Harbor, Chicago events calendar, above (thanks to Pat Campbell of KFAQ  and Joe Scialfa of WTMJ for the tip).  They do have “Catholic Family Day,” too, not just “Muslim Family Day.”  But the whole thing is ridiculous, especially the day for Muslim Family Day.  I have a few questions: [debbieschlussel cont]
At best; Disgusting.  At worst; Disgusting.

Judge G. Thomas Porteous

One Way to cleanse ourselves
of Clinton appointed judges.

Impeachment; the making of a future Democrat congressman

Yes Don, I'll take $1000 for my marriage

The "Jerry Springer" Society

I heard about this, but the actuality is worse than the hype.  What a piece of crap premise for a television show.  What a piece of crap human being. 

Carly of Arc

Congregatio pro Doctrina Fide

Boned Jello
After Carly Fiorina won California's Republican Senate  primary, many analysts expected her to shake off her conservative mantle and make a lunge for the moderate middle in the general election against liberal incumbent Sen. Barbara Boxer.

That's not how it has played out.

It's been an article of faith for conservatives, that when Republican candidates run as conservatives, they win.  When they succumb to the GOP ruling class riptides, they lose. Say Amen and sing Hallelujah!

Put 'em on Ice

Iceland ministers on trial
threat for economic collapse

To the gallows then

ICELAND'S former prime minister Geir Haarde and three ministers could face court for the country's economic collapse.

A parliamentary commission has found they should be tried for the negligence that led to the country's 2008 banking and financial meltdown

If Iceland isn't actually considered European, it's a quibble.  Given the love affair Liberals have with Euro law then, this is an idea we (Americans and liberals) should be able to come together on    If we put on trial our leaders most directly responsible for causing the world's financial collapse, who do you suppose would find themselves on the dock?  Names like Bill Clinton, Barney Frank and Chrissie Dodd, are for-sure. Since the then Sen. Obama received more than $125,000 in "campaign contributions" from Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, second only to Dodd, the Senate Banking Committee chairman, who received more than $165,000, he gets a nod too.  Europe doesn't use the death penalty, but we do.

Académies des snide

fugly is the new pretty
being schooled here boss


The plus side here for J.Simp is that her latest might not be as bad as several of the photos in this collection. The negative, of course, is that it's still not good:

From having seen her in person at this event -- the Project Runway finale -- I can confirm she had so much makeup on her face that I seriously suspect she might've caked orange foundation on every square inch of visible skin just so that she'd be a uniform color. Too bad the color is Orange Julius. And I'm not sure I can even talk about how unflattering the top is on her. Child, you are DATING a football player, not trying to look like one.
Fug J. Simpson

I know Jessica Simpson only as an object of scornful commentary by celebrity buzzers.  Is she a singer, an actor, Lady Gaga? Don't answer; I don't care. What fascinates me with the celebrity observation blogs (like Agent BedHead ) is the sardonic and pithy writing style that pervades. It's a skill particularly useful when talking about politicians, a C&S mainstay.  These sites then are Académies des snide, places to hone one's delivery.  Go Fug Yourself has Ivy League status in the genre. And, it makes me laugh.  

Great for morale

Let's Triple Nuke Room 39
I only see upsides.