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Simply Rugged Holsters


Simply Rugged Holsters

DOJ Official - The election is rigged


Mary "I  said last year that the results were already in the machine ... "

White America Has Lost Its Mind

What's a good substitute for "misanthropic racist"
only not so pretentious? Oh! *smaks hed*

Liberals have answer
for our discontent. Racism
I’ll be your Huckleberry (writes Dana Loesch)

Just imagine for a moment if someone had written “Sources of Black Stress” and portrayed people like Al Sharpton or John Lewis in this manner.point

Thrasher also tries to identify racism:

  After the 2008 election, when former House majority leader Tom DeLay suggested that instead of a formal inauguration,Barack Obama should “have a nice little chicken dinner, and we’ll save the $125 million.”

Right. Because saying “chicken” is racist. Does Thrasher think that only black people eat chicken and because of that, immediately assumes this is racist? Because I ADORE chicken. DeLay is from Texas, after all, and in certain parts of the hemisphere, that’s considered a pretty damn good meal, race aside.

White America Has Lost Its Mind

Why is Lesley Stahl among this group of  otherwise distinguished conservatives?

Similar tripe is easy to find anywhere liberals congregate, trying to explain what's generating the coming hissy-fit tsunami about to devour them. Certainly no rational people could fail to appreciate Paradisio Obamunista,  so it has to be - what?  That's right, you racist pig.   What recommends White America Has Lost Its Mind then?
  1. The graphic; impossible for me to resist. 
  2. Dana Loesch's delicious treatment (which you can read here)

Mecedes Benz tugs at some tight ass'd panties

Yay!  I'm not a vile pasty-faced
canker-blossom'd pc retard!

"Mercedes-Benz is getting grief for this ad,"  writes TH.  Without clicking through TigerHawk's  link below his video, see if you can find  reason to be upset. Damned if I could. Thank God.

Yes, Twiggy Will Die

Emergency Bra:
Unsnap, separate cups, inhale...

Boned Jello
Yes, Twiggy will die.

Texas Defensive Shooting Academy

To the point

Texas Defensive Shooting Academy



Obama ad hominem

Marc Miller


Today's Supporter

Public Sector Unions & FDR

Who Said ...

Meticulous attention should be paid to the special relations and obligations of public servants to the public itself and to the Government....The process of collective bargaining, as usually understood, cannot be transplanted into the public service.


Today in Wonkery - Two articles worth reading.

Matthews, O'Rourke, and Monkeys

you know that hadda be good

It seems to me that Chris Matthews knew better than engage PJ O'Rourke in a battle of wits, and played straight man.  But here's the thing.  I could care less about the evolution/creationist thing, but I'm at least familiar with both arguments.  People like Mathews (liberals) dismiss out of hand any concept that has the slightest specter of God, e.g. climate change, abortion, and certainly creationism. This is not an atheistic deal; Matthews considers himself a practicing Catholic (which tenets happen to be trumped by his real god, statism).   What O'Donnel,  perhaps,  was trying to say when Maher cut her off was, "Even Darwin acknowledged "the extreme difficulty or rather impossibility of conceiving this immense and wonderful universe … as the result of blind chance or necessity."  How many times in your lifetime have you read the headline, "Missing Link May Have Been Found?"  Why is that so exciting to evolutionists?

Jonah Lehrer,  a contributing editor at Wired, smugly took on Ann Coulter's extensive writings on the subject  here:

Coulter's mistake is an ancient one. She insists that because we can't touch, taste or dissect evolution, then it can't really exist. In other words, if something isn't reducible into physical terms, then it's just another abstraction, no more tenable than God. This is why Coulter equates "the ideology of evolutionary biologists" with "religious fundamentalism." For Coulter, both beliefs are acts of faith.

Am I nuts, or doesn't this precisely describe the nexus of atheism, as well as evolutionist theory?  Despite the can of worms this opens, these are rhetorical questions since I'm not inclined to argue the point by typewriter. Call it a king's prerogative. 

In a bus down by the river

riding the short bus with barry
Riding the Short Bus with Barry

This week President Obama chimed in with another uplifting message about the American electorate. Mr. Obama told Rolling Stone that the tea party movement is financed and directed by "powerful, special-interest lobbies." But this doesn't mean that tea party groups are composed entirely of corporate puppets. Mr. Obama graciously implied that a small subset of the movement is simply motivated by bigotry.

The President said "there are probably some aspects of the Tea Party that are a little darker, that have to do with anti-immigrant sentiment or are troubled by what I represent as the President."  
Democrats embrace the Chris Farley school of political motivation.

Is "Rebranding" the new "Spin?"

Rebranding Failure
Let me remind you, the reason we are in this position is because Republicans in 2001 and 2003 passed bills which put us in this position [and] which said these taxes would be phased out," the Maryland Democrat told reporters. "They were playing budget games. -Boss Hoyer

Boned Jello
Under Senate rules, tax cuts inserted into budget legislation must receive 60 votes to become permanent. Otherwise, the breaks must expire after 10 years.

Passed 58 to 33, the 2001 the tax cuts received the support of a dozen Senate Democrats, while Republicans Sens. John McCain of Arizona and Lincoln Chafee of Rhode Island opposed them.
Asked about Mr. Hoyer's claim that Republicans are to blame for the impending tax increase, J.D. Foster, a senior fellow at the Heritage Foundation, a conservative-leaning think tank, said, "This is the kind of intentionally confusing rhetoric Washington specializes in."

Mr. Bush "proposed [tax cuts] to be permanent. In every budget he offered, they were to be permanent," Mr. Foster said. "I just have to wonder what planet [Mr. Hoyer] is on." [Full]

Ariel Deoderant & PS2

MAD MEN at Work

ARIEL deoderant
deoderant and toys

RollOver 2fer

And we in turn ...

Obama Hates Us, He Really
Hates Us (and Fox News!)

Obama is like a sports team who owns the ref, the fans and the field- but refuses to play until the kid in the tenth row stops chewing gum.

Boned Jello
So let’s indulge Obama’s fantasy: and imagine if FNC didn’t exist. Yeah, it’s the good old days, when the only media was a liberal one.

Well, Obama would still be in trouble. See, it wasn’t Fox who started the tea parties. It was Rick Santelli – and then America ran with it.

In fact, it would be far worse for Obama if there was no Fox, because then he’d only have the American people to bash. There is no Republican adversary, and without FNC – who’s left? You.

And this is why the Whiner-in-Chief needs us. It provides cover, so Obama can criticize Americans without ever saying “America.” He can just say Fox News instead.

I don’t mind. We’re happy to help. Greg Gutfeld

Wallace&Gromit Fun

Wallace & Gromit

If you've never watched a Wallace & Gromit, a bit of luck here.  A Matter of Loaf and Death happens to be the first W&G I saw, and it's the only one available on the net in full (about 30 minutes). I'm hooked on them, and just rewatched a bunch on Net Flix (Instant Watch).  You shan't find better fun than this I'll wager.  You're welcome.

Hey There Mr. Blogger

Skool Unions Shuddering

Christie: Making common sense
sound revolutionary.
That's how bad things became.

The Wit and Wisdom of ... who?

The Jummy Watch

I did this  photochop (right) in 2005 to accompany the hilarious account of Jummy's extensive funeral plans, control freak that he is. Much of it, as originally recounted by the NY Post, has been lost, but News Max cataloged some of  the details.

Jimmy Carter has spelled out plans for his funeral in intricate detail. During his presidency Carter was criticized for his micro-managing every aspect of the White House – and even controlled the schedule for the White House tennis court.

Now the former Navy officer is leaving nothing to chance with his farewell ceremony and has even specified the movements of his remains, box lunches, press arrangements, escorts and dark umbrellas for his family and even a demand that soldiers can't have steel-tipped shoes.

The 80-year-old ex-president's plans, which total 411 pages, request special index cards to record floral tributes at his funeral.

Boned Jello
 LIFE has already posted what appears to be his obituary.  And what an obituary!  I hardly  recognized the sumbitch.
The Wit and Wisdom of Jimmy Carter
Former president Jimmy Carter built up a considerable reputation as a wise statesman, a gifted diplomat, an inspiring philanthropist, and a spiritual leader since he left the White House. Mixing the thoughts of a keen intellectual mind with strong religious conviction and down-home Georgia folksiness, his reflections on politics, society, and life in general have helped Americans decide to do the right thing for decades.

Here's something a little more prosaic, more in keeping with the truth.  Excerpts from Ronald Kessler's book, In the President's Secret Service: Behind the Scenes With Agents in the Line of Fire and the Presidents They Protect.  

Agents told Kessler that Jimmy Carter treated them and others who served him with utter disdain.

Boned Jello"Inside the White House, Carter treated with contempt the little people who helped and protected him," and told agents not to look at him or speak to him — even to say hello — when he went to the Oval Office, Kessler disclosed.

"For three and a half years, agent John Piasecky was on Carter's detail — including seven months of driving him in the presidential limousine — and Carter never spoke to him, he says.

"At the same time, Carter tried to project an image of himself as man of the people by carrying his own luggage when traveling. But that was often for show. When he was a candidate in 1976, Carter would carry his own bags when the press was around but ask the Secret Service to carry them the rest of the time."

On one occasion, disgruntled agents deliberately left Carter's luggage in the trunk of his car at an airport, and Carter "was without clothes for two days."

At his home in Plains, Ga., Carter once tried to attack and kill a small dog with a bow saw. Agents had befriended the stray dog, a terrier, and given it the code name Dolphin.

When the dog ate some food Carter's wife, Rosalynn, had put out for their Siamese cat, Carter "got the bow saw off a woodpile near the family room patio" and "tried to kill the dog," one agent who was there told Kessler.

Boned JelloDolphin dodged the attack, but Carter insisted that agents remove the dog from Plains. The orphan dog was given to the press corps.

As president, Carter needed to have the "nuclear football" at hand to enable him to take action in case of a nuclear attack.

But the president — code-named Deacon — refused to allow a military aide with the nuclear football to stay in a trailer on his property in Plains. The aide had to stay in Americus, a 15-minute drive from Carter's home, a top military official confirmed to Kessler. [continued at Secret Service Hated Jimmy Carter.
In short, everything about this man was a contrivance.  I don't think he's the worst president in history any more, but he is the worst ex-president.