Thursday, November 18, 2010

$6000 firm?

Pillar of Salt walkin here boss
A $6000 Significant Other

The End of Marriage As We Know it?

cuzzin ricky

Real Sign

On-Line Medical Records

Pool Time!
The first fallout from Obamacare to land on my head.
Boned Jello
Went to the doc today for a 6 month c/u.  Pretty much in and out, but oh ... I can now, he says, log in and access my own medical records.  Look at my test results, etc.   Ain't that wonderful?  Can I opt out?  No, but don't worry, it's password protected.  Oh, in that case... . Did I say anywhere that I fkn hate . .. you know.
Boned Jello

Inverted Body Scans

Napolitano's  Private Stash?

Marc Miller

Cally Bond Defalt

Jerry Brown will fix this right up

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Today's Theme

There was a filthy man ...

in case you're feeling complacent

More Obamacare outrage

Stab me in the freaking liver!

Stab Me in the LIVER!
LSU Professor: Pakistan and India might nuke us in 50 years if we ignore global warming

The Terrorists Won

Jay Rockefeller must be removed

Sen. Jay Rockefeller

A leaked memo from the office of West Virginia Sen. Jay Rockefeller urges fellow Democrats on the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence to use its probe into Iraq war planning as a staging ground to beat President Bush.

It calls for an independent investigation of the president next year, timed for maximum negative impact on Mr. Bush's re-election effort.

[The Rockefeller memo: Whiff of treason, Sunday, November 9, 2003]


I can add nothing useful here except to say that the gravity of what Jay Rockefeller proposed above ought be enough to trigger a national demand for the ouster of this liar, traitor, and useful idiot.from the senate.  Or, at least, give cause for senate colleagues to beat him into a coma with  canes - live on C-Span2.

Sheriff Joe vs. Hitler

Big names for Joe's border 'posse'

border possy

Don't touch my junk

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