Friday, November 26, 2010

Prove it!


Boise State v. OSU

Ohio State president E. Gordon Gee says undefeated Boise State (and TCU) don't belong on the same field as Ohio State.  You can't buy that kind of hypeable comment for a post season game.  If Boise beats #19 Nevada they will have defeated two ranked teams (9th ranked Virginia Tech) to remain undefeated.   OSU lost to Wisconsin.  OSU v BS  would be a ratings knockout, and I would not put money on the outcome. Oh -  there's the "sweet justice"" thing too. 

Witch. Ghana. Michelle.

Ahem ...

People who scold normal people

Joy Behar:
Isn't it a little racist to call it Black Friday?


Daddy, did televison stars
always hate our country?
Who's Red Skelton?

Only some of them dear; and they knew to hide it. 
People like Red Skelton were the face of Hollywood
before 1964. 
Now load another banana clip.

Happy Thanksgiving, Keith Olbermann

.... and thank you for Keith Olbermann,
for explaining why everything's
good, thanks to Obama the Munificent.

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The Liberal Mind: RAW

Dear Mr. President:
The Liberal Mind in a Fell Swoop

Our good friend Stinky Weingarten came home last week to find his house burnt to the ground.  Stinky is a great artist, but a lousy businessman; he forgot to send his home insurance payment and finds himself quite homeless as a result. 

We are writing you as his loyal friends who now or in the past
earned an income of $1,000,000 per year or more.  We are willing to do our fair share to get Stinky back on his feet; and are asking that you levy a special tax on the many who, although also filthy rich, will not chip in unless they're forced to. Maybe a special act of congress?  How about the Executive Order thing?

Sincerely, Ben, Jerry, et. al.

Circle of Comrades

We know what's right, but a lot of people don't, or are too selfish.  Not like us.