Sunday, November 28, 2010

Liberal Legerdemain


Betty's Dream Lover

Liberals distract attention away from their own penchant for controlling everyone's lives, by accusing Cap-C conservatives of themselves being that jack-booted thug.  Abortion is the major arrow in the quiver - invading a womans body and  bedroom,  but there are others.  One is pointing out how puritanical Republicans  held congressional hearings on comic books!  and magazines!   Comic-book Liberals like Stan Lee, the late William (MAD) Gaines, and others injecting it into the public debate is old hat. Am I alone in that remembrance?  George Will's column today, then, made me sit up and bark.

An estimated 90 percent of children 8 to 13 then read 10-cent comic books, of which scores of millions were sold weekly. The worry du jour was juvenile delinquency.
In 1954, Fredric Wertham brought science - very loosely defined - to the subject of juvenile crime. Formerly chief resident in psychiatry at Johns Hopkins, he was politically progressive: When he opened a clinic in Harlem, he named it for Paul Lafargue, Karl Marx's son-in-law who translated portions of "Das Kapital" into French, thereby facilitating the derangement of Parisian intellectuals.

Without ever interviewing the convicted spy Ethel Rosenberg, Wertham testified on her behalf concerning what he called her "prison psychoses." Since 1948, he had been campaigning against comic books, and his 1954 book, "Seduction of the Innocent," which was praised by the progressive sociologist C. Wright Mills, became a bestseller by postulating a causal connection between comic books and the desensitization of young criminals: "Hitler was a beginner compared to the comic-book industry."

Wertham was especially alarmed about the one-third of comic books that were horror comics, but his disapproval was capacious: Superman, who gave short shrift to due process in his crime-fighting, was a crypto-fascist. As for Batman and Robin, the "homoerotic tendencies" were patent.

Even before Wertham's book appeared, a committee of New York's legislature considered government licensing of comic-book publishers ... [Our puritanical progressives]

With the smashing and the burning and the and the slashing ...

Teachers Ban Pencils and Pens In Classroom,
but wait - There's even MORE!

Lost Culture

You'll shoot your eye out

We're Broke and Obama is Toast

Cuzzin Ricky Harshes My Mellow
Please watch these two Howard Davidowitz videos

Danny O'Brien

FYI: Celebrating Greatness

Joe Namath*, Dick Shiner, Alan Pastrana, Jim Corcoran, Bob Avellini, Mark Manges, Larry Dick, Boomer Esiason, Frank Reich, Stan Gelbaugh, Neil O'Donnell, Scott Zolak, Scott Milanovich, Sam Hollenbach, Shaun Hill. 

These are some of the great Terp quarterbacks whose career started while I was in the stands.  I recognized greatness in some of them from the get-go (Namath, Shiner, Manges, Esiason); others developed into NFL quality QBs under my watchful eyes.  Did I say a word about any them at the time?  No, I did not (Google if you wish),  because I don't want to be one of those "mine is the best" people.  But Maryland's freshman quarterback Danny O'Brien is the best quarterback I've ever seen - his first three passes went for touchdowns.  O'Brien will become the greatest college player of all time. You read it here first.  Too bad if your team is on the Terp's schedule.

* Namath signed a letter of intent with the Terps, but after two tries was unable to academically qualify for admission.  MD.  head coach Tom Nugent did not want Namath signing with yearly opponent Penn State so he guided Namath to sign with Alabama, coached by ex-Maryland Coach Bear Bryant.  
Danny O'Brien

Barry Obama - CIC

Q: What's worse than having LBJ
as a wartime commander?
A: Captain Hunch

I spit out my Captain Crunch whilst reading this reason why Obama isn't a Sociopath  :

Is Obama a sociopath?
No, Barak [sic] Obama is not a "Sociopath".

A true Psychopath is defined as someone scoring greater than 26 - 30 (depending on the jurisdiction) out of 40 on the Hare Psychopathy Checklist. This definition is under continual review, as it's now recognised that senior execs in Corporations, for example, often show a range of psychopathic traits (glib charm, narcissism, ruthlessness, lack of anxiety or fear) demanded by their positions without neccessarily breaking the law, and a high score on the Psychopathy checklist requires the subject to exhibit a consistent pattern of law-breaking behaviour. Such people might meet the second definition of Sociopathy above.

These people are characteristically ruthless and grandiose, and those who work with and have worked with Obama comment on his humility and warmth, which are features a Sociopath would not show.

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