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The media just loves to hate Sarah Palin. And, if polls are to be believed, the constant media bombardment has hurt her standing among many independents.

Unfortunately, over the last couple of weeks, even conservative media pundits such as Mona Charen, Peggy Noonan, George Will, Joe Scarborough and Matt Labash see these attacks and warn that she can’t win the presidency. They even buy into the attacks on her judgment, intelligence, and competence. But what these conservatives don’t appreciate is that Palin is being attacked because she is smart and effective, not because she is dumb.[
John Lott - Why Does the Media Love to Pick On Palin?]
Lott discovered that 194 news stories over the last month from Oct. 28 to Nov. 27 talked about Sarah Palin in the same paragraph that they used the words “extreme,” “dishonest,” “unpresidential,” “stupid,” “incompetent,” “gaffe,” or “dumb.”  None of this is a surprise to you, even if you're not a Palin fan.

But slips of the tongue demonstrate neither a person’s intelligence nor their understanding of issues. Obama’s knowledge of economics is abysmal – his emphasis on higher tax rates and spreading wealth make the economy smaller. His health care regulations will cause people to be thrown off of private health insurance, raise costs, and lower quality.

Sarah Palin has been pointing out many of these problems before anyone else. On health care, she coined the term "death panels," and the press attacked her mercilessly for it. But after Obamacare has become law, even Democrats, such as Paul Krugman, are now using the term, acknowledging that Obama care will empower government panels to make decisions on who will be allowed to get medical care.

Palin’s analysis of the economics of health care would make an economist proud. Take how Obamacare creates an incentive for people to wait until they needed care before they purchased health insurance. Banning any higher premiums for those who wait until they are sick to get insurance may be very bad public policy, but it is one part of Obama care that is extremely popular. Other Republicans have seen the polls and refused to discuss the problem, but Palin ignored the polls and made the right economic argument.

Due to the popularity of the superb television series Mad Men, there is probably today more awareness of how Madison Avenue works than at any time since Vance Packard topped the best seller list with The Hidden Persuaders (1957).  So, what we have here is Sarah Palin as Preston Tucker, trying to introduce a new, safer, ahead of it's time vehicle.  The Big Three are running wall-to-wall negative negative commercials to keep her from reaching the showroom.

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SUBZIN is billed as an amazing movie quote search engine, pretty simple, but pretty amazing.  It immediately found "Holy Mackerel Andy" in the Untouchables.  However, what of the 12,975  Amos and Andy series entries? B-

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... in Gov. Christie's court

Christie's BIG Test

In New Jersey, residents who want to transport firearms legally must request a permit from a local law enforcement office and produce a letter stating why it is necessary for them to carry a gun.  In other words, New Jerseyans have to prove need before exercising what many Americans consider a constitutional right.

Twenty-seven-year-old Brian Aitken is learning that the hard way

Listen up Gov. Christie

I am flabbergasted by this New Jersey law,  but even  more so that Brian Aitken was convicted (sentenced in August to seven years in prison).  That means not one of twelve jurors would exercise jury nullification of this outrageously unconstitutional law.  NOT ONE!  The ball is in Gov. Christie's court now.  Will he pardon Aitken?  Or, like George Bush with Border Patrol Agents Ignacio Ramos and Jose Compean, let him languish in prison?  I am a huge Christie fan, but  if he drops the ball on this -- he will become for me just another Mitt Romney (fatally flawed).  Your values may differ.

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