Sunday, December 05, 2010

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Looks good from behind
But what if they have mustaches?
...   if 35 states join the suit, the law "dies, automatically."

Double Header

  • Obamacare DOA if 35 States Join Lawsuit Against the Feds

    Sunday, December 05, 2010 2:49:41 PM · by paul in cape · 46 replies
    Maine Sunday Telegram ^ | Dec 5, 2010 | By Rebekah Metzler
    Buried in a front page article about Republican Governor-elect Paul Lepage, is this little ditty; LePage will ask his Attorney General to join the lawsuit already signed on by 20 other states against Obamacare. He then says, "I am going to be sitting with our attorney general and asking him to join the (health care reform) lawsuit against the federal government," he said, adding he just learned that if 35 states join the suit, the law "dies, automatically."
Anyone know about this?  It takes 38 states currently (3/4 of 50) to amend the constitution, but this 35 state deal is a new to me. Hope it's true though.

Going in Style

Waking Mama
Before, or after the will was read?
At least people showed up for her party, not like the fella underneath (rollover).  Maybe a  Steeler fan who died in Cleveland.  He does look pretty comfy though.
Maybe she was in the car with this guy when he took that last exit?
Happy Wake via Big Fur Hat

Loud Commercials

Solutions Never Come From Gummint
The House on Thursday gave final congressional approval to a bill that would prevent advertisers from abruptly raising the volume to catch the attention of viewers wandering off when regular programming is interrupted. [CONGRESS BANS SHOUTING ON THE INTERNET!!!!!

I just learned that "volume" news from I HATE THE MEDIA.  For some reason I was under the impression that the FCC had long ago banned the practice of raising television commercials volume, but I could find no reference to it. Yes, it is my ox being gored here; something that will test the principles of even the staunchest libertarian, which I am not, but almost. I  farging HATE the practice, so am tempted say yell hooray for congress!

First off, I have a hearing problem.  When I watch television with MoSup, she has the volume set at level 5.   To accommodate me she takes it up to between 17 and 23, just to give you an idea.  So at night, after she's gone to bed, the shows I'm watching at 23 that spike to level 50 during commercials don't just annoy me, they wake her and any babies in the house, which leads to more annoyances.


When it comes to gummint interference into damn near anything that otherwise has a private sector solution, government ought stay the hell away.

This wasn't as much of a problem with my old Panasonic telly.  It had a volume leveling option that this SONY does not seem to have. The TV Ears I had (they broke, sigh) automatically leveled the sound, so there are solutions outside of ratbastard gummint. If there's a market for them, they'll come.
Bat Geek

Rent Nicole Kidman ...

Rent Nicole Kidman's New York
Apartment - $45K/Mo + Utilities
and by golly she deserves it

Rent this 3,785 square feet apartment at 176 Perry Street and hob-nob with neighbors Alexis Stewart (Martha's daughter), and Calvin Klein.  Kidman is asking $45,000 per month; she is not included. (So work some overtime). 

The Dog Did It

Then and Now

The bad mommy

The meme that FDR's liberalism saved us from communism is of recent manufacture by his apologists.  It sounds plausible, but I remain unconvinced.  We were then a nation still  too independent to fall for Stalin's crap hook, line, and sinker.  The era's destitute became hoboes (migratory workers);  today they're  bums who won't work for a meal.  We were then a common culture directly descended from 1776; now we're two, and  one is marked by  innercity cultures that subscribe to different laws, create "safe harbors," and  are welfare dependent.  Mommy's people, but this mommy is a cruel bitch..

Liberalism AutopsyThese stories about the end of Liberalism, Keynesian economics, and the Democrat Party that are popping up all over the place make me shudder. Katrina holds the answer to that foolishness. The periods before, during and after that hurricane leveled New Orleans was, and still is, marked by huddled and trembling masses waiting for government agencies to fix things.  The historical story  line will be if President Bush had just cared enough to interrupt his Texas vacation and  flown to Louisiana, none of this would have happened. 

Grown men, brave warriors  mortally wounded on the battlefield, will instinctively cry for their mothers.  On the brink of  major economic hardship, as we are, is hardly the time to get cocky.  Not with the siren Liberalism, aka mommy government, ready to steer the weak onto the rocks.  I don't think things are hopeless, but we have to dismantle that new culture entirely, and that will take a long time, with no backsliding. 

In my newest novel the opening chapter is about people gone berserk for a week.  They hang every employee of the democrat media complex from lamp posts, about 30,000 of them in all.  The carnage is just terrible.  That's followed by a period of contrition and moving forward.  My novel has a happy ending. Yours may differ.

A Major Gift