Sunday, December 12, 2010

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This is a classic example of how democrat campaign lies become, for them, historical fact.

Robert Reich Wrongly Claims Bill Clinton Inherited a Recession

I'll cut Reich a little slack here because he's the only Clinton cabinet member to ever show any sign of embarrassment about his participation.  I think, then,  that Reich's memory has now been reprogrammed, although at one time he knew it was all a lie.  The 1992 Clinton campaign battle cry was "The current administration has compiled the worst economic record in 50 years."  Remember?  Only democrats, with their hammerlock control of  media messaging could get away with that lie.  The 1992 recession had in fact ended in March. Moreover, it wasn't until the Republicans took control of congress in 1994 that Clinton administration economic growth would eclipse Bush's last months in office. So, there's that,  but, while I'm on the subject of  deranged minds ...

No surprise here. Back in the day when I Pay Pal'd (Amazon actually) Sullivan, I argued with his (he is Catholic)  contention that the Catholic church had to weed out homosexual priests.  Really. This was during the first orchestration of the all priests are pedophiles meme.  I felt then, and still feel, that if Catholic priests honored their vow of chastity, sexual orientation makes no difference. A chart showing the percentage of pedophiles in the United States Congress v. pedophile priests would look like this Gradually however Sullivan relinquished what good sense he had and engaged in a balls-out campaign for gay marriage.  It became his raison d'ĂȘtre  When I could no longer differentiate between Andrew and Gore Vidal, I unplugged him.  Now he's just another liar in a land filled with them.