Sunday, January 16, 2011

Are we worthy?

All Hail

Formerly, Chuck Norris

Before you disagree, answer questions.
  1. Based on 100 millennia of recorded history, can you dispute that any person (or idea) deemed life threatening by the genre filthius democratus will be targeted for destruction? [answer = no, I cannot dispute it]
  2. Is there such a person today?  One whose spoken name sends them into frenzied dance? [answer = yes, by God, there is!]
  3. Who is that person? [Puh-leeeease!]
Long Live The Queen of Freedom!

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Baddog said...

Yano, I'm gonna vote for Palin if she shows up anywhere on a ballot! She couldn't do a worse job than O and, watching all the lefties frothing at the mouth, flopping and twitching, seizing up would be SO WORTH IT!

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