Saturday, January 22, 2011

Jimmy Connors extraordinarily return

Jimmy Connors extraordinarily return
Celebrating Genius

Former American No.1 tennis ace Jimmy Connors on a senior tour in 1991, produces the winning shot out of thin air. Today this is not a legal shot as rules state the racquet must be in the player's hand at moment of contact. But at the time it was legal, as long as the player caught the racquet before it hit the ground, as Connors did.


BlogDog said...

He marries Patti McGuire and he makes that shot. Is he the luckiest SOB in the history of ever? More on the Patti McGuire side and less on the flung racket side.

Anonymous said...

Tennis-the greatest sport to play-or to watch-Hey Rog, your tennis movie recommendation a week or so ago was pretty good-currently with the Australian Open in full swing and ESPN3 streaming it, I'm lovin' it

Anonymous said...

Patti lived two blocks down from me back in the 60s. Long brown hair and braces but still lovely.

Anonymous said...

Here's a more recent photo:

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