Saturday, January 22, 2011

Rush Joins The Birthers

A 1000 Pound Gorilla Joins the Birthers
Governor of Hawaii Can't Find Barack Obama's Birth Certificate?

Here's about 8 minutes of audio  from Rush's first hour on Friday.  Here's the Full.Transcript. 


Anonymous said...

Just think of the Constitutional Crisis if the won is found not to be a Natural Born Citizen.
Everything he has sign is invalid.
The libtards will go even more ballistic.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if everything would be invalidated though. I'm not sure who vetted ∅bambi in this regard. We know it wasn't the press, but would it have been the Speaker of the House? or maybe a cabinet secretary? Who decides if he's eligible? Not only for "natural born", but for his age as well? The Fed Election Committee? Doubt that!


Anonymous said...

There is no provision in the Constitution to vet a candidate.
This would be a State function?
Note that McCain was vetted by a special congressional committee.


Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Rush urges caution here. The Hawaii governor, he thinks, would not have gone out on a limb all by himself. And there's been no reaction from the White House. He smells a rat.


Alear said...

No rat. They're holding it back coz it's registered as Barry Soetoro. He is a citizen, just an imposter.

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