Saturday, February 19, 2011

Barry - A Very Bad Person

Obama’s anti-Israel agenda
Echoes of president’s Jew-baiting pastor in foreign policy

  Mr. Obama‘s decision to betray Israel should come as no surprise. He is a privileged liberal who reflects the values and prejudices of the academic left. The cultural milieu of his intellectual formation was steeped in hatred of America and the West.

His father was an anti-colonial socialist determined to destroy European imperialism. His mentor was Frank Marshall Davis, an avowed communist. His pastor was the Rev. Jeremiah Wright, a black nationalist known for his Jew-baiting. His seminal intellectual influences were revolutionary Marxists such as Frantz Fanon and Edward Said. They championed the belief - prevalent among college radicals -...
[KUHNER: Continued]

Of course Kuhner's observations are compatible with my own, but I'm lately plagued with the notion that it's all been said before.  Been said so many times, by so many people, that I wonder why I bother bringing this stuff to your attention?  But, there is an answer.  Catharsis. Thanks for indulging me.

PS- The answer to Barry's question, "Does this make me a bad person?"  No, Barry.  You are a bad person even without these citations. 

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Anonymous said...

That's why I visit here. Everybody else gets tired of hearing this stuff. I can't stop, though; when there's more every day.

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