Saturday, February 19, 2011

The Man is Stupid

This Guy Is Stupid
It's my experience that most people, myself included, misuse "stupid."  More times than not we really mean "ignorant," or as a pejorative for missteps, and slips-of-tongue.  Too bad it's uber-cliched.  Because Barack Obama* is stupid.

THE administration of President Barack Obama has entered into direct, secret talks with senior Afghan Taliban officials, The New Yorker magazine reports.  -(The stench of John Kerry is overwhelming here)
According to the Australian.

If Republicans are called the stupid party for believing Democrats will deal in good faith, and keep promises (and they are and do), what about dealing with unelected terrorists who've vowed to destroy you?  Not even super concentrated "stupid," suffices.  But Obama is. 
*plus most elected 'crats


DougM said...

Perhaps you're confusing "stupidity" with "treachery."

Fred Z said...

Obama is indeed stupid, but please, you, and all conservatives who do the same, weaken our case with physical mockery, photo-shopped stuff and so on.

Obama (and his wife and his allies) are mentally ugly, not physically, and we need to focus on the mental aspect and not offend people who dislike such mockery, which I think includes most of us.

So no more distorted images of Obama or his wife or that damfool Biden or that malicious halfwit Gore or that foul evil Pelosi...OK?

Vice Sgt Boone said...

Dear RKOF,
I suffered through 8 years of editorial cartoons picturing George W. as some kind of mis-shapen troll with pointy ears and worse. I'm not about to go all milquetoast and say we can't do the same to any opponent. Perhaps we should even take it up a notch?

Rodger the Real King of France said...



'nuff said.

Anonymous said...

@Fred Z -- the LibCong poisoned the civility well many years ago. You just don't like it when the poo you chimps have been flinging starts to come back at you.

Go whine at another web site.

Brigadier Major mike

DougM said...

Nice try.
This is America. We can and will bloody-well continue to draw/PShop cartoons of even those who some consider untouchable prophets.
What ... you think there should be a fatwah on us?
Ugliness and ridicule is what editorial cartoonists do. Geeze, read a newspaper. You want ugly characters? See the leftist, Ted Rall's crap.
Civil discourse? The left has long since built up a debt of treason and incivility against Americans that can never be paid back.

Anonymous said...

secret talks with ... Taliban officials
1. He desparately wants out of Afghanistan because
a) then he can justify cutting Defense funds.
b) "getting bin Laden" was a last election issue. Now it's embarrassing.
2. "Peace in our time" would look good right before 2012 election. If it all turns to crap 2 months later, that would be OK because Obamacrime Inc. would still have 4 more years to finish destroying the USA.
3. A caliphate would really fuck up the oil market and play into his "Ruination & Downfall of the USA" plan.
5. Or he still actually believes he can win over bad guys (there aren't any except Tea baggers yannow) with the power of his words and aura and stuff.
6. He is an incompetent ideologue, on top of which he is a malignant, infantile, narcissistic buffoon.
Lt. Col. Gen. Tailgunner dick

Kim said...

LOL... methinks y'all missed Fred's sarcasm.

Anonymous said...

Fred, we've got to get those eyes checked, or you won't qualify on the range this year. They're ugly as rolled dog fuck.


Anonymous said...

Have you plugged the hole yet, Daddy? Just plug the damn hole.


verification word - thecomet. STG. I will formally adopt that in 5 nanoseconds.

DougM said...

Perhaps, but sarcasm needs to include some means to identify it as such, some glint or nugget. If one's schtick is too accurate in content and tone, well, heck, think of it as walkin' through the woods during deer season wearing antlers. Funny, yes; buuut ...

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