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Sick. 1st Graders Taught the “Boycott Big Business” Song for Earth Day

first graders sing the “Boycott Big Business” song
Thank God for FOX News. No other state-run media outlet would touch this story
Here's one of the comments:
#3 April 23, 2011 at 10:52 am
Mikey commented:

To me, this is just ONE more example that the great America that I know and love no longer exists. It’s over. We are in the midst of change thanks to Zero in the WH and liberalism, but you know what? This is NOT the change I want or America needs. We are now living in an Ayn Rand novel called Atlas Shrugged. I fear the tipping point has been reached and we patriots LOST. Liberalism through indoctrination for years through education has poisoned the minds of our children. Sadly, America lost. Sorry for being so pessimistic today, but everywhere I go, all I read are negative stories. None of them bode well for the future of this great nation.
Mikey's sentiments are shared by, I truly believe, a majority of Americans.  Here's the solution, as concisely as I can state it.
It's Time For Meaningful Action

There is nothing in the constitution that proscribes expelling a state.  I know, there's nothing that proscribed leaving it voluntarily either, but Mr. Lincoln set a precedent that would be hard to overcome.  We'll start with these 8 states.

  1. Using the ¾ of the states approving formula, necessary to amend the constitution...
  2. 32 (¾ of 42 states - the 8 states being black-balled have no vote) must ratify.
  3. The US Congreff shall have no part in this process.
If more than 10 states refuse to expel, we start adding states to the list until the necessary ¾ votes are achieved.  I don't really care if it comes down to 4 states left in the United States. Will it work?  Damned tootin' it will work.  If you have a better plan, step forward. Remember, one of the reasons this action is necessary is progressives are liars. If your plan includes negotiating with them, it's DOA.

Your Servant


rickn8or said...

California next?

Anonymous said...

I was thinking California first, but, everything's negotiable.

H the Comet

Anonymous said...

Why isn't Washington on the list?

Rodger the Real King of France said...

Re: Cally and Washington - felt it desirable to have Pacific ports. If it comes to that, I would hope to split Cally into two states (Northern CA would begin at Los Angeles) and expel the upper half. And, I see a benefit in keeping N. CA isolated. Washington, without the Liberal Democrat machine (which would have no power once the original constitution was restored) might be salvageable. Most of the bad guys would flee to N CA. or Iran anyway, as I see it.

Finally, I will not have a say in this anyway. I'm just recommending the process as one that can succeed, and one that's far better than civil war, which itself is preferable to the status quo. We are no longer a viable Union.

DoubleU said...

Here is a blog post on how to protest proof business. LINK In this case it is a grocery store, but it could apply to other businesses also.

DoubleU said...

Should say, "run a protest proof business"

Anonymous said...

The only parts of California that need excised are LA & San Fran, the rest is OK.


Rodger the Real King of France said...

You can't have a bunch of Monacos Casca. "the rest " let it happen.

pdwalker said...

"The only problem with socialism is that you run out of other people's money"

Whatever states you evict, will eventually come looking for your money.

Jess said...

I'm thinking Mexico will make a good West Coast Port, so we give them California, they all move there, we close the border behind and have an entire country for a port.

Anonymous said...

You can't have a bunch of Monacos Casca. "the rest " let it happen.
# posted by Blogger Rodger the Real King of France : 4/25/11 9:28 AM

Rodg, no they didn't. There are more votes in LA and SF+Bay area to more than override the votes of the other 97% of CA. Which is too bad, because the two areas mentioned could be excised and there'd be a whole lot of nice places left. I think SD is starting to become like LA, so there is that... SD used to be a Navy town, but there is less there now.
It really is too bad.

Flyfish said...

Give Maine a pass, we elected a Republican Governor who told the ACLU to "kiss my butt". We also elected a Republican Senate and House. There are multiple primary challengers to Snowe in 2012. Things are changing.

DougM said...

No, no, I can see it.
I mean, after all ... it is an elementary-school-level philosophy.

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