Saturday, April 02, 2011

Dateline Aoril 1

Stetson hat to be new Army head gear
April Fools Stetson
Photo Credit: U.S. Army graphic.

Army officials announced today that the Army will pay tribute to it's frontier roots by adopting the dark blue stetson and the official headgear for the current force of 1.1 million Soldiers.  Soldiers will wear the stetson with non-subdued rank and branch insignia on the front.  The Army star will only worn by Soldiers who have yet to graduate Advanced Individual Training, or the Officer Basic Course.   [Story]


Anonymous said...

I love the smell of napalm in the morning ; ) > SMIBSID

Anonymous said...

OK, you hade me there for a minute. We will now insert the obligatory "if you ain't Cav, you ain't shit" remark.

H Teh Comet
H Troop/17th Air Cav

Rodger the Real King of France said...

If you ain't cav, you ain't shit.

Kilgore said...

It makes me want to play "Ride of the Valkyries" at top volume.

Ralph Gizzip said...

'cause it scares Hell outa the slopes.

Anonymous said...

In a related note, the air force will adopt loafers, faded jeans and polo shirts to better reflect their relaxed corporate style.
"Every day is casual Friday in the Air Force."


Anonymous said...

Released on April 1st and only I noticed?

toadold said...

Basic training will be extended and extra 4 weeks for sabre training.
Advanced training will include mounted tactics from ground vehicles and helicopters.
"Private Schultz try not to cut your own retraining strap this time."

Billy Ray in Cowtown said...

As a history major and lover of tradition, I like this omage to the Army's cavalry days. These hats are WAY better than those stupid berets.

As a Marine, I like the way the Marine Corps eschews any special unit patches, unit headgear and "seasonal" innovations. OUR uniform stands out by saying, "We are the Marine Corps. There is no better identifier than the Eagle, Globe and Anchor."

DougM said...

Wellp ... mebbe next Apr1, they'll go with dragoon helmets for the cav (you know, with the leopard-skin motif) an' tricorns for infantry. I hear the AF is goin' with leather helmets'n goggles for air crews. Navy's goin' with T-shirts, officers will have silk-screened fringed epaulets with hats made from folded newspapers.

Anonymous said...

"Whoever saw a dead cavalryman..." Gen. D.H. Hill, CSA.

Tam said...

That actually had me going for a minute.

I mean, given how we've started dressing up infantrymen to look like wing wipers, you have to admit that any amount of uniform retardation is extremely plausible in today's Army.

Steve Skubinna said...

So Roger, I presume that if you are cav, then you are shit?

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