Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Farewell Dear Asusna

From the Men Are Beasts File
Farewell Dear Asusna ...

She a Blood


I-RIGHT-I said... were rather generous with the illustration this time weren't you?

TimO said...

Should be blown up and mounted outside the entrance doors to every Teachers Union hall.....

Rodger the Real King of France said...

uh .. he is a teacher.

Anonymous said...

And they vote!

MiketheRadioMan said...

And they want to increase funding for schools for...this?

No matter how much money we throw into education, the quality of education does not improve; that's a proven fact. First thing to do is clean house and get rid of all the asshats that spend education funds like it's not their dime. That may help.

Anonymous said...

Fire everyone with an "education" degree. They don't know how to learn. They've never done it.


Anonymous said...

lease he no how t speel thu f werd rit an wif a caputul lettu 2

Anonymous said...

I'm guessing that's one note that the teacher wishes she hadn't had read out loud so everybody can enjoy it. But, I could be wrong.

The Comet H

Word verification "sestsas". As in, "she gonna let me do her sestsas, too."

DougM said...

What an idiot!
He used "like" instead of "as" in the fourth line.
Besides, only a douche uses yellow lined paper for break-up note.
Even more besides, not signing the note is inconsiderate. I mean, how's Asusna s'pos'ta know which of her babies' fathers it's from?

Anonymous said...

DougM, you are so astute, this belongs in the Smithsonian to represent early hominid communication and development. The mistakes you point out eventually got refined and Amy Vanderbilt wrote her books.

Anonymous said...

Confirming suspicions, I looked up data on the school.
School Rating: 6 out of possible 10
Enrollment: 849
White: 37
Asian: 2
You do the math on the rest.
Ok, getting on the racist bus now.
Lt. Col. Gen. Tailgunner dick

Anonymous said...

Lt.Col.Gen -
How did you decide which school that droid in enrolled in?

Rodger the Real King of France said...

Lt.Col.Gen Dick is on the crapper, so let me. He read "she go to Aldine Middle."

gadfly said...

And update as of 7/22/13 on the ethnic composition of the "more than 900" students at Aldine Middle School.

Hispanic 70.16%
African American 25.58%
White 1.97%
Asian 1.35%
Native American 0.09%
Pacific Islander or Hawaiian 0.08%
Multi-ethnic 0.77%
Other 0.94%

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