Thursday, April 21, 2011

Matt Drudge, Artiste

Looking At Drudge the Artist

Drudge Paints Our Government

If one looks at what Matt Drudge does as political art, which I believe it is, what is it his canvasses say?  Every brush stroke holds some significance; nothing is random.  I think this canvas, painted on April 21, 2011, at 7:14 PM, is trying to say this. Another way of saying it might be, "How in the hell did we get this government, and why in hell are they still allowed to show up for work?  Art is interpretive, of course, but that's what I see Drudge saying. He tends to paint ugly things.  (Okay, I added the two Mussolinis)


Helly said...

Elucidating yes. Art no.

With a pathological administration, everything is wrong. And not just a little wrong; it's all 180ยบ out of phase with reality. (That's how you know they're not nuts.)

Anybody could make political points by blindly throwing darts at this litter of Democrat/Commies. But Drudge does show up everyday, and does get the job done.

Just like you, Cupcake.

Anonymous said...

And his photos are just too good. Nothing wasted.

oy vey ole'

hellferbreakfast said...

Outstanding artwork. Just put truth out there. Sweat the details.

Anonymous said...

I surmise, if it's not artwork, then it's poetry of the real and absurd.

oy vey ole'

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