Sunday, May 01, 2011

Bridal Path

Bridal Path

The Bridal Path

  Much attention has been given to the “Balcony Kiss” of Will and Kate of late.  It is, of course, far from the only official protocol attendant to British Royal Nuptials.  There is, in fact, a protocol for the wedding night.  As a commoner, Kate would likely have received this explanation from one of the Royal Retainers something like this.
The newlyweds would enter the Royal Honeymoon Suite through separate entrances.  Each would find them in dressing chambers on either side of the Royal Honeymoon Chamber.  Once they had completed their preparations, including Kate dressing in the Historic Royal Bridal Trousseau, they would enter the Royal Chamber for Consummation, Will entering first.

Upon Kate’s entrance, she would, “Offer her Honor,” at which point Will would Honor her Offer.  And then all night long it would be honor and offer…offer and honor…honor and offer…

Tom Mann


Jim - PRS said...


JMcD said...

I believe that the statue is 13th. century German.
Notice that the well prepared groom is wearing his "schwantzhalter". (see crotch)

Anonymous said...

Bridal??!!! Hah, in my day we didn't use no bridal... we just held em by their ears till they got used to it.
...oh, what's that you say?

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