Saturday, May 28, 2011

Ring tones

I haven't been picking on the Obamas enough lately, so there's this:

Michelle's No Wedding Ringo

Tom Mann  sent me this picture of Michelle's hands with a "wedding ring?" caption.  I never much thought about it, but what the hell, there is absolutely nothing about the First Couple that's not suspicious, and that goes for details of their  wedding.

  •  Do they at least have a wedding certificate? 
Well, yes, if a document signed by the Rev. Jeremiah Wright is accepted at face value.  And that surprised me.  That Wright performed the ceremony. 

You may remember that after being told by a client of his street organizing bidness, that he could have no cred with the Black community unless he belonged to a Christan church; he went looking for one.  He found, and punched his ticket with "Goddamn America" Wright.  I'm wondering if Mrs. Obama wasn't also the product of the need to "fit in?"  Anyway, it's seems apparent that Barry didn't give Michelle a ring, or nothing she felt was worthy.  She does like jewelry though.  

Now you can't blame me for being suspicious of all things Obama.  I mean, take Michelle's revoked law license.  It has never elicited the least bit of interest by anyone but us "conspiratists."  See what I'm saying? In for a penny, in for a pound then.  Here's how I think the Obamas got married.

On graduation day from KGB school, Barry was given a diploma and an assignment to insinuate himself into radical US politics.  Among the folio of instruction, false documents, school records, etc., was a picture. Of a certain embedded agent; real name "Svetblackna Lenin." Who would pose as his wife.  Whadda ya think? 
Michelle's No Wedding Ringo
Svetblackna Lenin


toadold said...

Both communists yes, Soviet communists, no, or they would be a lot smoother at it. They are
Nye Kulturny

Anonymous said...

What's that tangled up crap on her neck? She just walk through a hurricane? Or is that how it was tangled when Rodney King looters snatched it from the broken front window of the jewelry store and tossed it into a pillow case?
Lt. Col. Gen. Tailgunner dick

Anonymous said...

what an awful woman

Frank G

Esteve said...

Your "other" right hand! And it looks like the bangle is hanging from his ear.

Osama Bin Obama said...

Oh Allah promised me 71 other creatures like her in paradise and a goat. I think I'll start on the cute, soft goat first.

Anonymous said...

Maybe that's barry's junk around her neck.

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