Saturday, July 30, 2011

GySgt Harry Berres, USMC

I'm getting the Hell out ...

"When I joined the military it was illegal to be homosexual, then it became optional, and now it's legal. I'm getting the Hell out before Obama makes it mandatory."

GySgt Harry Berres, USMC

GySgt Goose

   Tom Mann


I-RIGHT-I said...

HA! That is funny!

toadold said...

While I'm sure the commies and anti-Americans in Bambi's administration just love the idea of the US military being reduced in size and effectiveness because of the Gay issue, they may not be thinking about what happens when you have all those experienced non-coms back in the States with spare time decide to start pissing into the tent as it were. They just think the current crop of Tea Party types are bad.

Anonymous said...

I guess I will be done with America the day I see two Male Marines in dress blues kiss during their wedding nuptuals. Which one will get whacked with a sword? I will hold no hope farther than that.

Anonymous said...

Oh, he'll get "whacked" alright.


MCPO Airdale said...

What is really galling are the reports that recruiters are being directed to actively recruit gays. Wonder when D.C. will start publishing the gay recruiting "goals"?

Ten Mile Island said...

I have no problem with gays. They're gay. So? No problem.

I have no problem with having to spend time in the bathroom in the morning, concerning by morning bathroom habits. I have no problem with your bathroom habits. We all have morning bathroom habits. Some of us take a cup of coffee in with us, as we read the morning paper. Some of us have the shower warming up. Some of us shine our shoes, in preparation of the day's requirements. Taking a dump is simply a part of our lives.

But I don't attempt to do number two in the living room.

As gay as you are, doing so in my living room isn't a Constitutionally guaranteed right. In your own bathroom, who cares?

I can't think of another set of annoyances that attempts to progress beyond the simple humility of good manners, as that presented by the "gay community." Want to do the things you do? Cool. Keep it at home, or find a room. Want to teach my kids it's okay?

Rudeness is never okay. Rudeness. Another synonym for gay.

toadold said...

This has gotten me to remembering about what I read of the Night of the Long Knives when the Hitler purged the SA. The Rohm Putsch resulted in the deaths of 85 people.
Ernst Rohm thought Hitler was not socialists enough. Also while there is some controversy for it being part of the motivation for his elimination, Rohm was a homosexual. I re-read about the incident and it was somewhat disturbing to see so many similarities between current US political figures and those of pre-war Germany.

Helly said...

Harry Berres, one less hard in uniform. I call that a win.

Helly said...

Now this IS funny.

I meant to write "tard," but the new Apple OS keeps auto correcting it to "hard."

You know what that means!

BobG said...

The term "leatherneck" may start taking on a whole new meaning...

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