Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Missed Putz Putt .

Obama- $3 Million/Minute Man

Obama- #3 Million/Minute Man


Spunky Texan said...
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Anonymous said...

Best comment on the quake comes from Twitter:

The new fault line identified today on the east coast has been named Bush's Fault.



Spunky Texan said...

It was God telling the wannabe messiah to get the hell of the damn golf course, boy!

Anonymous said...

wasn't really an earthquake but more the effect of our elected officials dropping the ball

Spunky Texan said...

Sounds like you all have a hurricane on it's way as well.

While I want it to wash the crap out of DC, I dont want to see any of my east coast friends caught in it.
Godspeed, everyone

Snackeater said...

The earthquake's prolly gonna bring about a double dip recession.

Anonymous said...

It wasn't an earthquake - it was the Founders rolling over in their graves.

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