Thursday, September 01, 2011

Obama's Phony SS Number

Orly's T'aint

Judge Lamberth was a real thorn in the Clinton's backside during the Clinton Terror,  even referring Ira Magaziner (Hillary Care point man)  for criminal contempt prosecution  for supplying false information to the court ( U.S. Attorney Eric Holder refused to act). As I remember, Stephanopoulos was similarly charged by Lambert.  Still, in the matter of Obama's birth,  Lamberth has consistently found reasons to quash suits sent to him.  His concern for the "President's security" here is insightful as to his mindset, although I would argue that the nation's security is the trump card  in all things Obama.   Thanks to Justin Credible for the tip.  As for Orly, I admire the hell out of her perseverance.  


TheOldMan said...

I think I met Orly once at a Daylight conference many years ago. Husband is a smart fellow.

Anonymous said...

I'm left nothing but befuddled at the number of fingers in the dike of fraud President Motown continues to come up with.

GW was called on to prove where he was taking his frigging lunch breaks when he was in the National Guard yet Kommader Jockstrap can get away with endlessly circumventing our Constitution and the rule of law that the rest of us pee-ons live by.

I'd like to say it'll all come out in the wash but all you need do is remember the mountains of criminal acts that were tied to Bill "put some ice on that" Clinton.

I see a long and very irritating public presence for Captain Rainbow once he's thrown out of office next Nov.

Anonymous said...

MM: I ain't be likin' any sort of public presence for Teh Won. I want him to crawl off to Plains, GA, where he can feel superior to Jimmah Goober. {or inferior, I really don't care as long as he's off the stage}
He has not demonstrated anything that would cause his presence to add one whit of value to any conversation or needful thought process. Nor has he accomplished anything of merit. Contrarily, he has caused much damage, and !should! go gently into the night, and steal off, tail between legs, and hole up somewhere that regular people can try to forget the misery he caused. He HAS caused lives to end, and should be taken to task. But likely won't.

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