Saturday, September 10, 2011

Wow - We're rich!

 .. not even close to vigintillion, let alone centillion 


Number of zeros U.S. & scientific community
3 thousand
6 million
9 billion
12 trillion (we're only this far!) 
15 quadrillion
18 quintillion
21 sextillion
24 septillion
27 octillion
30 nonillion
33 decillion
36 undecillion
39 duodecillion
42 tredecillion
45 quattuordecillion
48 quindecillion
51 sexdecillion
54 septendecillion
57 octodecillion
60 novemdecillion
63 vigintillion
66 - 120  
303 centillion


I-RIGHT-I said...

They left out googol. It's not an gillion kind of thing but it is 10 to the 100th power or 1 followed by 100 zeros. That's probably how they came up with Google. You know, one guy followed by 100 zeros. I'm pretty sure Google is where Satan keeps his earth bound data base of who's been naughty and who's been nice. Or maybe it's Homeland Security, I forget.

DougM said...

I can't be overdrawn!
I still have some checks left in my checkbook!

Anonymous said...

According to Cato, inflation in Zimbabwe reached 79,600,000,000% in mid-November, 2008. This lead to prices doubling every 24.7 hours. A 100 Trillion Zimbabwe dollar banknote was issued in early 2009.

They solved the problem by instructing their European printers to leave the amount off the currency so they could stamp in the value just before issuing. This helped to alleviate the shortage of wheelbarrows.

Freddie Sykes

Anonymous said...

The largest number that has a name is a Googleplex. That would be a Google, as described by I-RIGHT-I above, to the power of 100 or 10^100^100. It's a really big number.

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