Monday, November 28, 2011



Fenton the Deer Dog! Jesus Christ!


Sometimes I look at late arriving e-mail just before I go to bed, and the contents can  govern what I'm thinking as I slide into my real world.  Every time I thought of this one, I broke into an out-loud laugh - and I don't know why.  Still do.

A Great catch by By SondraK, Queen of my domain


I-RIGHT-I said...

I really don't see the problem with Fenton chasing a heard of deer. What's that guy's problem anyway? This is one of those times where you allow your dog to do his thing and just sit back and enjoy.

That was fun! Let's do it again!
Actually, without the guy having a fit on camera it would be just another dog chasing deer video so I guess we should thank him for being so anal.

DougM said...

That looks like a British deer park. Allowing your dog to chase domestic animals is almost a capital crime, there, called "worrying livestock."

Kristopher said...

It is a capital crime for dogs in most of the US. Chase livestock, and the rancher will shoot it out of hand. And probably bill you for the ammo.

If you value your dog, keep it leashed.

Anonymous said...

I believe DougM is correct. It must be England. You can see the cars passing each other in opposite directions making it clear that they are driving on the LEFT side of the road.

Anonymous said...

Doug M.,

Is that what happens when a Muslim tends his goats?

Buzz D.

I-RIGHT-I said...

That makes sense. No. 1 who but a Limey would name his dog "Fenton"? No. 2 Who but the Brits would have such a thing as a "Deer Park"???
..and I didn't notice the cars's bassackward position on the road.

Jinglebob said...

Sorry, the dogfs name is Benmton. but aside from that, I laughed my butt off. Reminds me of helping at a dog trial. the man who had it at his place was a short squat very tough individual in Wyoming. He had a dog named Smut, who had been trained by a Scotsman who had the Scottish brogue in full forse. So when Alex (the new owner of Smut) wanted him to lie down he'd yell, in a Scottish accent "Smut, Lie doooon! Smut! Lie Doooon!" all the while Smut was ignoring him, much as Benton does in this video. Thanks for the reminder and the laugh!

DougM said...

Mebbe he was a Trekkie.
Fenton! Harcourt Fenton Mudd!

Anonymous said...

...I don't know. The guy running around yelling, "F/Benton!" may not have had anything to do with the deer and the dog.

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