Friday, December 16, 2011

Barn Army Endorses Bachmann for President

Coveted Barn Army Endorsement
Because she comes closest to being the right person at the right time

Barn Army Endorsed


Anonymous said...

We love parody.

Manson Lamps.

Bobby Ahr

Chris in NC said...

Agreed. Plus, let's face it. If I have to stare at someone's mug on the TV for 4 years, I'd much rather it be her or Sarah than Newt or Rick or Ron or any others. Plus, she'd send the libs bat shit crazier than they already are. I'd love the first woman pres be a repub just to smear it in the dems faces...

Juice said...

Just today we discussed the current Republican candidate lot. For all the Tea Party ruckus presented in the left media and the pro-conservative media, why do we still have the standard fare heading into our primary options? FK the status quo Reps, and give me someone like Bachman. I want to carry the flag for a Conservative, and apparently that means a Tea Party Member. Count me in on whomever that may be.
(if/when we make it a choice)

Rodger the Real King of France said...

If you discount as a reason to vote for a candidate what the media thinks of "electability" (as you should), Bachmann is last man standing. I will trust her to make the right decisions, media opinion be damned. She may be more Ronald Reagan than Ronald Reagan.

I-RIGHT-I said...

There are a lot of postitions she's suited for but this isn't one of them.

El Jefe said...

If Sarracuda hadn't quit as guv'nah she would be the hands-down, odds-on favorite.

There's still a slight chance she runs but not gunna happen.

BTW: WTFF are the govs of NJ and SC thinking backing Mitt For Brains?!?!?

Rodger the Real King of France said...

Y'all have to educate me. What Bachmnann policy positions do you disagree with? Srsly.

K-nine said...

I liked Bachman. Really. Saw her speak in rock hill, sc and was much impressed. Then she had the meltdown about the hpv shots. And rather than just disagreeing, she doubled down with the unsubstantiated story of the girl who got retardation from the shot. To me it was just too close to "it's for the chiiiiildreeeeen!" too much for me. Sorry.

Newt is all big government, all the time.

I agree with Ron Paul right up till he starts spouting crazy.

Mitt... Only if I gotta.

I don't know what to do anymore other than ABO.

Skoonj said...

I liked Herman Cain, but he's no longer available. I am not against Gingrich or Perry, though they are not favorites of mine. Santorum would be OK. He started slow but sort of tapered off. Paul would be OK if we had a president for domestic policy and one for foreign and defense policy, where his sanity is questionable. Romney would get my vote if he were nominated, but I definitely don't want him as the nominee. Bachmann. Ah yes, Bachmann. She's a real conservative. I haven't heard a thing that would dissuade me from voting for her, though her husband is said to have some odd religious beliefs. She is now my top candidate. I must send her some money for her campaign.

Anonymous said...

"odd religious beliefs"?

Odder than Mitt? Odder than Barry? Odder than Thomas Jefferson?

Is that all that's troublin' ya Binky?

Anonymous said...

Clearly, the Barn Army water supply has been spiked again. Ahr is right. She has crazy eyes.

"Newt = Big Government"? He is the last politician who actually cut the size of Government.


Wabano said...

Any chance of having Allen West throw his hat in the ring with Bachmann?

If I had a few billion dollars...

K-nine said...

Big government, by Newt Gingrich:

“It’s not a point of view libertarians would embrace, but I am more in the Alexander Hamilton-Teddy Roosevelt tradition of conservatism. [ie: Progressivism] I recognize that there are times when you need government to help spur private enterprise and economic development.”

“The opportunity society calls not for a laissez-faire society in which the economic world is a neutral jungle of purely random individual behavior, but for forceful government intervention on behalf of growth and opportunity.”

supported the 1989 Global Warming Prevention Act, which included a provision encouraging the U.N. to work to control population growth through, among other methods, family-planning services.

Anonymous said...

Believing that there are things that only government can do effectively is not an advocacy of big government. Libertarians are uniformly idiotic. There will be a President elected in 2012. He will have an R or a D after his name, not an L, or anything else.


K-nine said...

Sorry, don't trust newt. He's made too many questionable alliances and too many questionable statements. He knows his stuff, but he makes me uncomfortable.
That said, if his name is on the ballot, he gets my vote over Obama or any other democrat.

Anonymous said...

Mrs Bachmann certainly had her best debate last week. She kicked Newt and Paul's behind. I would love to see her as our nominee.

It won't happen though. Too bad because there's no doubt she(and Santorum) would put our country well on the road back from this REgressive abyss.

If it's Newt and he gets an electoral mandate, he might get close. Romney? Lord please, I'm tired of nose holding voting.

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