Sunday, January 02, 2011

Wind Farms; O Irony

Feds wind plan may zap Massachusetts
Welcome to a world you largely created Masshats
crushing, suffocating government

Offshore wind farms generally have to charge much higher prices for electricity because their turbines are installed out to sea, dramatically increasing costs. At current prices, offshore wind energy costs about twice as much as land-based wind power and three times more than electricity generated by fossil fuels.

The 130-turbine Cape Wind project, which is expected to cost more than $2 billion to build, will have a maximum power capacity of about 468 megawatts.

Using the Cape Wind rate prices as a model, then full development of the designated area south of Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket could lead to a 17 percent rate hike for electric ratepayers, according to calculations by the Herald.

Boned Jello

Crushing Government. Crushing.


Boned Jello
Meanwhile back at the farm. DNR and DER are making life difficult for rural farms.Should you have a stream or be near a stream you must build a fence to block runoff from your farming operations. $10,000 dollars was cost for one farmer. Cattle can cross stream but can't poop in it. Creek washed away some bank and farmer was told to fix it. Act of God was his response so he didn't have to fix it. Old time loggers were told they weren't supposed to clear trees to let sun in on the road trail. The tree's were an umbrella protecting the road they were told. Problem is the road when wet never dries out soon enough to work area. They have to load wood on trucks as skidders aren't allowed to cross streams. Fleets of trucks can't wash their own trucks now because of the chemicals used to melt snow. Waver given I guess to truck wash businesses. Bar talk by Dale.
Reminded me of  Claud Dallas, of whom I now have a greater appreciation for than I did in 2007.   Good grief; so this is the dark side.

awww dad

Lesson one for a new year

Roundaboutly Krauthammer

When you get to me my age it's natural to want to see the kitchen remodeled quickly so you can live long enough to enjoy it.  But, you'll remember,  even in the mid nineties, when the true nature of the Democrat party crystallized under Clinton, I was a lone voice for judicious temperance when it came to fixing things.  When all the big shots advocated infiltrating the 1997 SOTU address, and machine gunning every democrat, I foresaw the extent of the damage that would befall our Republic in its aftermath.  An action like that would break the link with our founders, and render us just another banana republic¹.  My solution was to send in commandos; kidnap the entire Democrat Party leadership, Clinton included, and insert chips in their heads.  They would then be driven to a barn someplace,  and told ... 

If y'all feel a little groggy it's because you were sedated while we implanted an explosive microchip in your brain.  If I input your code and press this button, like this

 ...  crackling sound, Rep. Gerry Studds collapses; a wisp of smoke coming from his right ear.*

So here's the plan.  Over the next month all of you will announce your retirements from public life; and all of you will admit that the Democrat Party has become so filthy that you'd as soon die than continue to serve it.  Any questions?
- [Excerpt from my autobiography,   Fool For LoveFOOL FOR LOVE.]
* It was announced at the time that Studds had decided to retire; his actual death was not announced until 2006. 

Unfortunately, the chips were as easy to remove as they were to insert, so the plan came a cropper.  But, you can see where I was coming from.

 PS.  I just purchased a new microchip installer from a veterinarian supply house, but before I move forward with phase II, does anyone know how to change the frequency from 125 kHz.?  I don't want to be killing every dog in the country.  Ahem. 

All of this was about telling Charles Krauthammer, "Buddy, I loves ya, but yours is a false dichotomy!"  We are in a death struggle, and what's most important is not the number of minutes one served as a leader, but whether one is a leader to begin with,  n'est-ce pas?

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