Thursday, January 06, 2011


Our Country is in a Mess and Here is Why!
Well a manifestation of the prollem anyway.

Electric Mud Painless Brazilian "Smoothee"

(Popular Mechanics - Apr, 1924)  

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Groundhog Day 2011

This coming year, both Groundhog Day and the State of the Union address occur on the same day.

It's an ironic juxtaposition of events; one event involves a meaningless ritual in which we look to a creature of limited intelligence for prognostication...while the other involves a groundhog.


More Stealth

A Stealth Killer Dress

Say Uncle

Degrtee of Difficulty

Nancy Pelosi is a Big Fat Bitch in D Minor


In response to yesterday's Ding Dong! The Bitch is dead post, resident funnyman Doug M suggests this South Park clip needs re-making, and titled Nancy Pelosi is a Big Fat Bitch in D Minor.  Bravo!

Unhand that fair maiden!

Today's Schadenfreudal  comments about:

Margaret Cho

Margaret Cho
Margaret Cho is the lesbian equivalent of "commentian" Will Durst.  They're not comedians; they're poseurs who get laughs from audiences who appreciate political comments like, "I hate Republicans;" Fuck the Teaparty, etc.  Bill Maher and Al Franken wander into that venue - a  lot -  but they are at least capable of the occasional non-political bon mot.  Not so Cho (or Durst). This then is my ad hominem attack intro into a current Margaret Cho joke, "Sarah Palin is so stupid she can't spell stupid."
Margaret Cho
"Dancing with the Stars" second runner-up Bristol Palin has fired back on her Facebook page, at a crack made by one of her competitors on the show, comic Margaret Cho, as to Bristol's reason for competing in the ABC series.

Web Site Cho claimed Sarah told Bristol she 'owed'' it to her to do 'DWTS' so that "America would fall in love with her again" while would help her mom run in 2012 -- Bristol having been transformed from a liability into an "asset" thanks to her time on "DWTS."
  'DWTS' 2nd runner up Bristol Palin blasts Margaret Cho with both barrels
Margaret Cho

"So that America would fall in love with her again!"  Is that just too precious? How Ms. Cho became privy to this family secret is not revealed by her.  She prolly heard it from Will Durst. Or Katie Couric.  And yes, this is propaganda, because I'm at war with liberals and it's necessary.

Coture WTF?

Mr. Insensitive's Haute Couture

Mr Insenritive's Botoque

US Underestimated ... blah-blah-blah

The aircraft is comparable to the U.S. F-22 and would be China’s first stealth plane.
The F-22 was defunded by Obama
The Pentagon underestimated the speed at which China has developed and fielded a ballistic missile that may be capable of hitting a maneuvering U.S. aircraft carrier, the head of Navy intelligence said today. China's Missile and Stealth Fighter Advances Draw U.S. Attention
Boned Jello
This just makes me sick because from the first day of Clinton, when our most sensitive crypto/technology secrets were inexplicably transferred to Ron Brown's Dept. of Commerce, and Charlie Huang's unlimited access into that agency, we could watch it happening.  The PRC's infiltration of our military defense complex makes Stalin's successes under FDR look piddling. And don't think my ears aren't pricked by the Indonesian Riady's (business partners with the PRC) and Obama's Indonesian ties.

Boned Jello
Then, in walks Huang Huang, who speaks five Chinese dialects, with years of on-the job training in Taiwan and Hong Kong, and with a Rolodex of PRC contacts that extended right into the Communist Party Politburo.  Huang's CIA briefers said that Huang had a "sensitivity about things Chinese that you just didn't get even if you're a Chinese scholar a Yale." 10

During Senator Thompson's hearings, a former Stephens secretary testified to the following:

  • Huang walked across the street to the Stephens office two or three times a week carrying a folder or small briefcase. 7
  • He received overnight packages and faxes at the office.
  • He sent faxes out of the office, used the copier, and made telephone calls from a small office set aside for visitors.38
  • She did not know Huang's correspondents.
 Excerpts from Year of the rat: how Bill Clinton compromised U.S. security for Chinese cash; Chapter 5 "My Man In The American Government"