Sunday, January 16, 2011

Harvest Time

...  let’s start 2011 off with a joke

and then the rest of the story
Harvest Time

Best Christmas Card Evah!

Family Simpson

Speaking philosophically, of course.


Riot Control
The outbreak was the natural consequence of pernicious teachings widely scattered among the ignorant and excitable populace of a great city; and the only possible mode of dealing with it was stern and bloody repression. Had the mob been assailed with grape and canister on Monday, when the first disturbance took place, it would have been a saving of life and property. Had the resistance been more general, and the bloodshed more profuse than it was, on Thursday, the city would have enjoyed a longer term of peace and tranquillity than we can now count upon.

 ...  if we are to put down our own riots, citizens interested in the preservation of peace and order must be willing to tender their services. It is due to truth to say that the citizens of New York showed very little alacrity in responding to the call of the Mayor and Governor for volunteers to suppress the late riot. Of 400 muskets which lay idle at the armory of the 37th regiment, only 80 found men to carry them, though urgent appeals for men were made by the authorities and the officers of the regiment. We can never expect to keep the peace unless we are prepared—one and all of us—to turn out in cases of emergency, and fight. -THE RIOTS.
Riot Control

About five years ago I had this Harpers Weekly draft riot citation as part on my masthead.  It speaks for itself, but wow.  Never back then did it cross my mind that I could find myself living under a government that would see me (I'm using the royal "me" here) as the bad guy.  And encourage the likes of Code Pink to take  up arms against me!  Shows how quick things can turn when the people don't take care of business and water the tree.

Another load of crap

Momentum builds for bipartisan
State of the Union seating

Note to new GOP Chairhuman Priebus: find and fund 2012 challengers to any Republican asshat who joins this empty gestured bullshit.

Are we worthy?

All Hail

Formerly, Chuck Norris

Before you disagree, answer questions.
  1. Based on 100 millennia of recorded history, can you dispute that any person (or idea) deemed life threatening by the genre filthius democratus will be targeted for destruction? [answer = no, I cannot dispute it]
  2. Is there such a person today?  One whose spoken name sends them into frenzied dance? [answer = yes, by God, there is!]
  3. Who is that person? [Puh-leeeease!]
Long Live The Queen of Freedom!

Make Me Feel Wanted

Hanging Wih My Own Kind

Mr. Better Than You

You “feel unwelcome”?!?  Whadd’re you - new here?

It is not the job of anyone to go around making you feel welcome.  What’s next—makin’ ‘em fetch you hot cocoa and cookies?  You wanna feel welcome? Settle down, cowboy up and contribute something—something useful, not race-baiting whinging—to the state.  To your town.  To your household.  Something. [e-C]

A nice project

It's Cold.  It's Sunday.
Fix up your basement

I did this myself once, not quite as elaborate. Maybe one of my kids will restore its memory in their own basement someday.
Tommy Mann