Thursday, January 27, 2011

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Show Me Your COLB

Muddying the Waters
so to speak
  Arizona may have the most advanced plan, but 10 of the United States – controlling 107 Electoral College votes – are now considering some type of legislation that would plug the hole in federal election procedures that in 2008 allowed Barack Obama to be nominated, elected and inaugurated without providing proof of his qualifications under the U.S. Constitution.
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Filling the Pool

I was thinking the other day about the ramifications if just Arizona passed this legislation.

 "Big Whoop!  Obama wasn't going to win Arizona to begin with." 

Ahh, but there's more. 
Without a presidential candidate to vote for, Democrat turnout in 2012 will be nill in 'Zona. That means Democrats like Giffords (one of three Donks in AZ)  are likely to lose their House seats, not to mention the local offices cedeed to Republicans.  Sheriff what's-his- name in Tuscon will be toast.  If all 10 states pass laws, can you imagine the potential Democrat fallout?  No? Now you can.

 Ds in House
Potential House Loss
(38 Seats)

These are 38 seats that are prolly unassailable under normal circumstances.  I can't for the life of me think of an objection Denocrats could raise to stop this common sense law from being enacted, but then who could block states from requiring voters to show ID before they vote?


 major douche

2 in da pink

Female, 18-29, Midwest US
 1738 Posts Monday, September 6, 2010 5:05:03 PM
I'm not sure whether I should find this funny or kind of irritating, considering this guy is a major douche.
I agree with Spartakitty, but at his age I prolly do the same thing.

Palin's WTF? WTF

Palin's WTF? WTF

Palin's WTF? WTF

I know you've seen it, but this is how I archive stuff.  Did I say I love that woman (in the good way, like monks)?   One of few I'd follow into battle.

Hook by Blues Traveler

Said and Done Roger in Warm California


O's sudden affinity for RR explained?
RR babysat him in 1962

Babysitting Barry

Via Tim, but I don't believe it.  Little resemblance, and by 1962 Reagan had pretty much disassociated himself with leftists like Barry's grandparents.  Of course he was a nice guy, so maybe. Now, if that was Michelle ...?

Which was the lie?

Coulter Tweet

Obama gets a new script - from Clinton

Nah - he's a lying pissant
Prisoner On Death Row Finds Jesus!

The Thunderdome Solution

The Thunderdome Solution
  Do not fear the collapse of Social Security, slated for 2037. Yes, SS is "projected to collect $45 billion less in payroll taxes than it pays out in retirement, disability and survivor benefits" this year; and yes, "that figure swells to $130 billion when a new one-year cut in payroll taxes is included, though Congress has promised to repay any lost revenue from the tax cut." But we have a solution. Instead of privatizing SS (too risky!), or means-testing benefits (socialism!), Americans will have the option of being put on an icefloat and set adrift, or fighting for their retirement benefits in a post-apocalyptic cage match refereed by AARP member Tina Turner. The Thunderdome Solution solves the problem of too few people paying into a system being used by so many: Two social security recipients will enter, only one social security recipient will leave. [Social Security fund will be drained by 2037]

Thunder Boxer

Delicious idea and prose via DC Morning

Chop Stick Transplant

Commie ECO Freaks Restore tree
transplant the 30,000 chopsticks ripped from its body!

Boned Jello

Priceless comments:
Juho says:
I think the correct number was 100 acres of trees, not 100 trees. 100 trees would not be that much in a country as big as China.
swelle says:
… And now to start on plastic bags…
welz says:
Wow! I do think it’s 100 acres of trees. But what a thought. I think I’ll eat my sushi with my hands next time.
hohumm_toronto says:
... there’s metal unscrew-in-half ones .
themalcolm says:
actually i think it’s 100 trees. This one small tree made of the chopsticks contains 30,000 chopsticks. 100 regular sized trees per day could probably produce between 5,000,000-10,000,000 chopsticks. that’s a reasonable number for one day.
quiltingmatilda says:
What about all the plastic forks and spoons thrown out everyday in other countries? Trees will grow again, when oil is used for a product it is never oil again.

onemillionthoughtbubbles say:
who gives a crap what happenes to ratbastardchinesecommies?

Post Notes

Post Notes

Boned Jello

This resonates because of a similar experience I had, around that same time.  One very snowy Sunday we came back from church and discovered that our Washington Post had not been delivered.  Since we'd  passed the delivery van on the way home, I knew he'd been in the neighborhood.  I checked the neighbor's box, and it was stuffed with a WaPost.  I dropped everyone off, and went looking for the van.  When I caught up with him  I  rolled down my window and yelled, "Hey, we didn't get our paper." He responded, "Did you happen to notice it's snowing ass-hole?"  
"look, you already delivered my street and I didn't get a paper"
"what's your street?"
"Oak Hill"
"I delivered you"
"no you didn't"
"Bullshit.  I have no papers left, which means I delivered you."
"goddammit, no you didn't"
"fuck you."

He drove off.  When I got home I was way hot.  Way. I called the WaPost and told the operator what happened.  She took my number and said they'd get me a paper.  Five minutes later the phone rang, and I found myself talking with  Donald Graham, Katherine's son (and now chief executive officer and chairman of the board).  He asked me to relate  again what happened.  About thirty minutes later, a knock on the door.  It's the delivery guy, and he is now in full supplicant mode.  Gives me a paper and explains that, I dunno, his wife left him, his house burned down and he has leprosy, etc.  I generously absolved him.  Ten minutes later Don calls again.  He spends two minutes apologizing, and explaining how much they value my business, etc., and the driver has assured him this will never happen again.  I was impressed.  Still am.

New Jersey Snow Lottery Canceled

 Fear of lawsuits closing
 New Jersey sledding hills


'Nuff Said.

Barn Army Wannabe?

I Don't Eats No Stinking Corn Bread

No Cornbread

I tried to find #6 for advice, but could not.  Ruh-Roh.